Monthly Archives: February 2012

Endorsement of my Sex Magic Lesson`

My friend wrote up an endorsement of the Sex Magic lesson from the SS Course. “Inominandum’s Intro to Sex Magic is hands-down the clearest and most practical piece I’ve ever read on the subject.  I’ve been a magical practitioner for over 30 years. In that time I’ve read a lot of the sex-magic literature that’s […]

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Of Planetary Hours and Day

Got a good couple questions from a student today and thought my answer would make a good post.  “First, I am confused about planetary days and hours. First you mention that you prefer the Abramelin to the Agrippan system, but then you make references to the Agrippan system when you talk about your Jupiter work. […]

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Northern Spring Magick

If you can at all get to North Jersey on April 14th, I would recommend attending Northern Spring Magick . The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel is a pagan organization that works more like a magical order in the best sense of the word. They have a great line up. Ivo Dominguez is a Sorcerer extraordinaire […]

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Jupiterian Offerings

For those that don’t already know, I finished writing my third book “Financial Sorcery” last week. Apart from the normal Strategic Sorcery perspective on things like using magic to help annuitize your 401k, find a job in the informal job market, automate investments, and set up secondary and passive tertiary income streams, there is a […]

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Instant Magic Field Report

Yet another field report from a student not even mid-way through the Strategic Sorcery Course. This time it yielded almost instant results, and while that is not the point of Strategic Sorcery, it is always something that I sit up and notice. “Just done today, but so effective I was actually kind of shocked. I […]

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New Age, the Occult, and Strategic Sorcery

Over at The Lions Den, Michael Cecchetelli posted a field report from some work he did using the Jupiterian material from my new book Financial Sorcery. Someone posted a comment about Strategic Sorcery being New Age, and… well you have probably already seen the comments and follow up post over at Lions Den. If you […]

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History and Tradition vs Ongoing Revelation and Experimentation.

One of the most interesting tensions in the pagan/occult world these days is the ongoing interplay, and sometimes conflict, between the forces of past tradition and historical research and experimentation. I have been meaning to write on this for a while, but this week it was sparked by Frater RO’s post detailing his own inner […]

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