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Only two more days until the start of the next cycle of the STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE. I got the following endorsement the other day from a student: “I have been practicing for years, but it was always something I did alongside everything else in my life. I never really looked to witchcraft as a way […]

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Your Thursday Financial Sorcery Tip:

On Thursdays we Gentlemen for Jupiter offer a blessing to one another: “To Your Blameless Heath, and Necessary Wealth” Those last two words are particularly appropriate when discussing wealth magic. We all have a concept of what we consider to be necessary wealth for ourselves – the amount of money we need to pay our […]

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Cycle 1o of the Strategic Sorcery Course begins August 1st with a Lammastide empowerment ritual. The course consists of 52 lessons arriving by e-mail every Tuesday morning for a year. In addition to this there is a student’s forum, and access to me for questions. The cost for the class is $150 Many people have […]

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Welcome To The New Normal

So I was having a conversation yesterday with a friend, comparing our “great recession” battle scars and talking about how we are moving forward. After laying out my plans for the next five years, I asked what his plan was and what he said just floored me. “I am just keeping my head down till […]

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More on Trust and Fate

I was reminded of a converation I had a long time ago with my teacher Lama Vajranatha. We were at Triten Norbutse Monastery and a westerner had just come to see the Lopon for advice on his new business venture. A few days before that a friend of ours had seen him for advice on a prospective bride. […]

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New Agrippa Translation and Scarlet Imprint Interviews

I am pushing my book pretty hard lately, but I also like to push other stuff that is really cool, and there are two things this week that are REALLY cool. First is the new translation of Agrippa’s First Book of Occult Philosophy by Eric Purdue. This is going to be great because while Tyson’s […]

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Interview with Yours Truly

Go here and listen to me talk smack. I cover: The deception of “Barista Spirituality” Whats good and bad about the Law of Attraction Why it is more important to increase income than cut expenses.

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Trusting Spiritual Powers and Heavy Prices.

I was supposed to make my second financial sorcery post tonight, but Independence Day festivities got in the way. I have however collected a few thoughts regarding the HGA thing that grew out of the Five Things thing that I started a couple weeks ago, so here we go… First, you should read Jows post […]

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Kilaya Talismans and Owed Talismans

Now that I have a solid full day per week again to dedicate to administrative stuff, I am getting my office re-done after a drastic paperwork fiasco. I need your help. First and formost, only half the Kilaya talismans went out and I cannot find the sheet that told me who’s who. If I owe […]

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