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Pirates & Publishers

Jack over at Dionysian Atavism posted a response to an Andrieh Vitimus post about Piracy. Now pretty much everyone has weighed in with opinions one way or the other. See Don Michael Kraig, Mike Cecchetelli, Frater RO, the list goes on. I was going to Hyperlink to everyone above, and more, but The Laughing Magus, has already […]

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The Book of Abrasax!

There is a book coming out this year that I was looking forward to more than any other. That book is Michael Cecchetelli’s Book of Abrasax. I really love the magic of the Hellenic and Gnostic Era. There have been other attempts to weave the historical texts into a full system. Stephen Flowers took a […]

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Testimonial from a fellow Sorcerer

Chris from Sorcerous Endeavors is a student in my course as well as a customer, but more than that he is a Sorcerer in his own right that has been doing his own thing for quite some time. He was kind enough to write up a testimonial about how my course and products have effected […]

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Actually, they are Yantras. I have been working on these for about a month and finished the  necessary prayer and puja yesterday on Ganeshas Birthday. This is a particularly auspicious design because as Lakshmi draws in money, Ganesha overcomes obstacles and defends you. I can attest that I received many positive signs while working on […]

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I was having a conversation with someone this weekend who has experience in western hermetic magic but who spent a year or two studying Buddhism but decided it was not for him. The reason he gave was interesting: “I think the biggest issue I had with Tibetan Buddhism was that humanity doesnt seem to have […]

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Horror News?

Sometimes I find my books reviewed in the strangest places. Today a positive review was posted to… OK. Cool.

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The Paranormal Interview.

Just in case you missed it last night…   Don’t forget: Gnostic NYC this SUNDAY

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ARE YOU IN NYC THIS SUNDAY? If so, come and see me at Gnostic NYC, where I will be talking about Financial Sorcery.  If you are not in Manhattan this Sunday, you will be able to catch the whole thing on the Gnostic NYC YouTube Channel.

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Oh boy. Your ears are in for a treat tonight. Gordon White will be on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole At the exact same time that I am on Paranormal Palace This being the internet and all, I am sure you will make time to listen to one live and one recorded. Also, I am […]

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Help me Choose a Lecture

OK, so I was going to do my Crucible workshop on Extreme Financial Sorcery, but as I get that material together I realize that: 1. I don’t have enough time to get it together in the next month with everything else I have going on. 2. The EXTREME parts are all more or less on […]

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