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You may not know this, but I spent a good part of my mis-spent youth at a club called City Gardens in Trenton. This club is a serious piece of Punk/Alternative history. Plus Jon Stewart used to tend bar there! My friend Amy Wuelfing, co-wrote a book about it and has raised over $13,000 to […]

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Cursing the Opposition

Those working with the “Crying of Calls 49 Group” will note that today’s call, Mercury of Saturn, is a curse. Obviously if you have enemies, this curse is for them but what if you don’t have any specific enemies? Is this appropriate to just utter without a target? Yes it is. Change the word enemies […]

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Extreme Makeover: Palmisty Edition

One of things that I always harp on are people in that get divination’s, and don’t do anything to change the outcome. They just accept the news as immutable truth and move on. In most cases, not only is there no attempt to change “fate”, but no attempt to prepare for it either. Just a […]

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A Coin Jar Talisman

Matthew Brownlee, the artist/sorcerer that drew up the Planetary Seals used in Advanced Planetary Magic and the Lightning Glyphs of Jupiter just sent me this talisman that he made a few months ago for a coin jar he keeps. He just emptied out $487. A perfect marriage of magical work with mundane action.  

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Join Strategic Sorcery and get Financial Sorcery for free!

Cycle 14 STRATEGIC SORCERY TRAINING AUGUST 6TH I am very excited to be announcing cycle 14th of the Strategic Sorcery Course which will begin on August 6th. BONUS: The first 12 people that sign up for the cycle 14 will receive a free signed and sigilized copy of Financial Sorcery. The course consists of 52 lessons […]

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Its not a race

Since announcing the Crying of Calls 49 group I have gotten several e-mails from people asking about doing the 49 calls in 7 days. I have gotten enough of these that I want to respond here rather than individually. First: I let me say that applaud your hutzpah.  If you REALLY want to do it […]

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Due to my being on vacation, and having never set up a facebook group before, I totally screwed up how the group was seen and joined. First friend me. My page is Now Message me to be added to the group. If you are not on FB I will create a yahoogroup tomorrow. Whatever you […]

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The Crying of Calls 49

When I did the recording of the 49 calls for the audio that accompanies the book, even though I was just reading them for the recording, I was left in a very ecstatic, yet very balanced and energetic state of being. This was followed by two weeks of what can pnly be describes as exceptional […]

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