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Evocation Education with Mike Cecchetelli

Let me tell you a story. About two weeks ago I had a dream, one of those big ones that involve overlap into multiple layers and people. The kind that shake you awake and have you reaching for the voice recorder when they are done. This dream was about Abrasax – it stood hundred of […]

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Eclecticism PART 2 – ARGUMENTS

Part 1 I spoke about why Eclecticism has become a slur and why despite that, I think it is essentially a good thing. In this post we will be looking at some of the arguments against Eclecticism and why I feel that while that many of them point out real issues and dangers on the […]

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VENUS: The Global Rite, and the Talisman

As I mentioned a few posts ago, on Friday August 1st I am kicking off the newest cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course with a GLOBAL VENUS RITE. Venus of course is a multi-faceted planet (as they all are), and one that can act beneficially or malevolently depending on how she is used or appearing. […]

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Eclectic from the Old Line PART 1

In his Open Letter to Bri Saussy, Aidan Watcher declares himself a “hard-core, traditional Eclectic from the Old Line. The Old Line being ‘from before ‘eclectic’ was a slur!”. I can relate. I myself draw upon several paths in my teaching and practice and felt a resonance with his description. Eclectic is a word that I used to […]

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The First Harvest has arrived, which means it is time again to begin another cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course. CYCLE 18 WILL BEGIN ON AUGUST 1st 2014 The course consists of 52 lessons arriving by e-mail every Tuesday morning for a year. In addition to this there is a student’s forum, and access to […]

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The Upside of Being an Entrepreneur

A week ago I wrote about the downside of being an entrepreneur. A lot of people, especially other entrepreneurs got it, but some people seemed to think I was suddenly now trying to steer people away from it, or that I was yielding to, and spreading fear by talking about such things. Of course I was […]

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Today is of course July 4th, Independence Day here in the U.S.A.. But here in Vermont there is also some attention payed to the birthday of one of its native sons, Calvin Coolidge. Not my favorite president, or even a very great president by any measure, he did produce a quote that I live by. […]

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Results from Uncharged Venus Talisman

I am on vacation this week, taking time to settle in with the family here in Vermont for the summer. I am wearing one of the Copper Venus Talismans that I am getting ready to charge. These are specifically for Magical Minded Entrepreneurs. NOTE: I have not charged them yet, not even mine. That said, […]

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