Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Benefits of Asana

Last week I replaced my most important magical tool. I had some fun letting the Strategic Sorcery group guess what that might be before someone rightly guessed that it was my Zafu. Matt Brownlee and I took a drive over to Samadhi Cushions, visited the actual workroom where they are made, took an assortment out […]

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Market Sorcery – Apprentice Guest Post

As a follow up to my Financial Forecast post, one of my apprentices decided to do a guest post and talk a bit about about how he uses Sorcery as an investor and business person. Most of what I write about is aimed at people who want a comfortable and stable financial situation. Here is […]

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Sorcery and Financial Forcasts.

I received an interesting e-mail a few days ago. It’s the type of question that I think a lot of magicians ignore or blow off with a statements about how magic is not really about this etc. I thought I might share the question and answer: Dear Jason, I enjoyed your recent interview with E. A. […]

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