Monthly Archives: May 2015

Mystical vs Paranormal Experience

I did a consult this weekend and there was some confusion in terminology that was tripping the student up. I laid out the following simple rule, which he thought others might find helpful so I place it here. Is that a synchonicity or just A Paranormal Experience often causes you to question the reality of […]

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Emotional Clearing

Last week I had the privilege of  getting a free Emotional Clearing session with Langston Khan.  It was an interesting shamanic technique that I found very useful. Not only does Langston lead you through a session that is useful for what you bring up in that session, but he gives you tools that you can […]

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Field Report: Art Auction Success!

I think everyone has a fantasy about going to a garage sale and finding something worth big bucks. Below is a field report from a Student who used magical techniques on multiple platforms to do just that. From the information about its worth, to pumping up the price at the end, this is Strategic Sorcery at its […]

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Magic is an Influence

Crowley defined magic as  “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.” This definition has had an enormous impact, and has deeply influenced other attempts at defining magic since then. Dion Fortune clarifies “changes in consciousness”, but I think my readers already know that I think that’s only a part […]

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Extraction Magic

One of the points that I try to convey in my course is the difference between a quality that is inherent of a correspondence that magicians use as a tool to do magic. Most things like elements and directions, or planetary hours and days, are IMO a correspondence that magicians use to do magic and […]

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MY advice for young occultists

So there has been a big kurfluffel about Nick Farrells advice for young occultsists and various people critiquing it, and now lots of people issuing their own lists. Its altready overdone and my mind is on other things, but someone specifically asked me to do it because there has not been a really good blog-go-round in […]

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One of the things I love most about Asian magical systems is that it does not position itself against technology in any way. People in the west have gone so far as to tell me they cannot light ritual candles with a lighter because they were not invented in whatever the time was that they […]

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