Monthly Archives: November 2015

Some Thoughts on Demons

A Student asked recently about working with Demons. After working primarily with Angels, Planets, and his own mind, he had been feeling a call towards working with demons and wanted some feedback. 1. The term DEMON is completely unhelpful and I will be changing the lesson on Grimoire Spirits at some point in the future […]

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Why Coloring is NOT the New Meditation.

If you have been to a bookstore in the last few months you have undoubtedly come across a table or endcap filled with coloring books for adults. Chances are you have already seen an article or two about the mental benefits of coloring and how it is starting to be thought of as the “New Meditation”. I […]

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Manipulative Methods

If the first thing you let people know about you is that you are a enamored of Robert Green’s 48 Laws of Power as your philosophy of life, what you are really telling me is that you are: 1. A jerk concerned with playing people more than living a good life . 2. Not even […]

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