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The Skull Temple

STRATEGIC SORCERY BLOG HOP Previous | Master List | Next Some students of mine decided to organize a Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop. The topic for this hop is Planetary Magic, so I decided to share a short ritual that I do to assist in formulating any magic that relates to speech or breath… I call […]

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Grimoire Witchcraft and Giving the Devil his Due.

Two of my favorite books on magic were penned in the 1970’s: Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson and The Necronomicon by Simon. Though I don’t know if many people realize it today, both books were an attempt to make a Grimoire for Pagans that did not rely upon Christian elements for evocation and spellwork. In […]

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    Not on¬†Tetrahydrocannabinol (though, you know, maybe…). He is on THE HIGHER-SIDE CHATS I have done a lot of interviews, and one of my favorite interviewers is Greg Carlwood from The Higher Side Chats. I spent this morning listening to Gordon White on his show and now I am here telling everyone you MUST […]

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Offering Disposal

In Strategic Sorcery we make offerings to four classes of spirits on a regular basis: 1. Divinities and Ascended Beings 2. Guardians and powerful Allies, including ancestors 3. All beings of the Environment 4. Beings that we owe a debt to or that we have offended with our actions. One of the questions I always […]

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So the new X-files mentioned Tulpas again, tried to correct the nonsense they spread in the 90’s, but got it wrong again. They just err’d on the other side. That’s a good thing though because it got Ben Joffe to write this piece on Tulpas, which is fantastic. He mentions my upcoming chapbook “Secret of […]

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Hekate Helps Take Back Your Mind

I took the week of the blog but have been meaning to point out THIS PIECE from Jesse Dollar. He takes both my Sorcery of Hekate Course and the Take Back Your Mind course and is finding the cross-fertilization fruitful. I often focus on the outward successes of Sorcery because I want to fight against […]

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The Helios Global Rite is happening now, but the window is still open through the 4th if you want in on it. Best yet, we are following this up in the Strategic Sorcery Community with a 2 week challenge – an invocation of a planetary power every other day starting next Monday. This lets us […]

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