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Other Magical Saints and a Christian Reading list.

Well the Cyprian Days are over, and while personal work and devotion continues for all serious Cyprianistas throughout the year, I think the occult community on the net is just about fatigued with St Cyprian. If only there were other magical Saints…. Oh wait! Today is Michaelmas! Feast of the Archangels! Angels are used in […]

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Cyprians Oil

TODAY is St Cyprians feast day (not yesterday¬†ūüôā, and Cyprian inspired me to write a bit about Oil. Perhaps more than any other Saint, Cyprian is associated with the use of oil in his magic. The recipes for his oil are many and varied – ranging anywhere from basic Chrysm to pretty intense mixes of […]

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Cyprian: Christian Myth and Magic

Today is the feast of Saint Cyprian of Antioch. Between family and services today I dont have timr for a major post today. Yesterday though Jake Stratton Kent correctly pointed out yesterday that ¬†St Cyprian“was *invented* by a Christian polemicist in order to mount an attack on Neoplatonism and Theurgy. The story developed a life […]

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St Cyprian and Dual Observance

It was 1993, at a pub called The Flask in Highgate London, and I was having a conversation about Mastering Witchcraft with someone I spotted wearing some occult swag. I mentioned that it was strange to me that Huson used Hallowmass, Michaelmas, Candlemas and other Christian names for the Sabbats rather than the Pagan names […]

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St. Cyprian and Christianity

We are now thick in the season of Saint Cyprian who has become quite popular. Indeed, if the look the Ursuline Sister gave me in Quebec City last month when I asked for his medal is any indication, word of his veneration amongst Sorcerers is even getting back to the establishment. A few years ago […]

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Crucible 2016

Crucible is coming on October 1st. One of my favorite events precisely because its small, intimate, and different. This year I am giving a talk called:¬†READ TAROT LIKE A FORTUNE TELLER It specifically focuses on the Tarot deMarseille and the cartomantic style of reading that focuses on plain interpretation of image, folk meaning, and relation […]

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