Monthly Archives: October 2016

I Want You For The Strategic Sorcery Course

Only a few more days until the Global Hekate Rite begins. Over 1400 people have taken the course and while I have no way of knowing for sure how many will participate (its not compulsory) it is well into the hundreds. JOIN IN THE CHANT Hundreds of people joining their voices together and connecting to […]

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Explaining Magic to Family, Friends, and Co-Workers

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of family and friends that do not practice magic. Generally speaking we get along great because I follow a few simple rules. CONSIDER STAYING IN THE CLOSET Do not confuse someone being put-off, worried, antagonistic, or incredulous towards Sorcery with being intolerant towards your religion. Very […]

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Black Gator Hand Talismans

Someone recently noticed that I have not offered any talismans for sale on my blog for over a year now. Most of them get bought up by folks in my course, who get first shot at them. This time though, I made a BUNCH. These bags are  special conjure bags that are in the grip of gator […]

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Strategic Sorcery Students Speak.

There are just 12 days left until the Hekate Global Rite, one of the best times to start the Strategic Sorcery Course. I like to post some testimonials and field reports from students at these times but because of the nature of the Occult, most people cannot put their names to them. I usually don’t even […]

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Better Wrong than Vague

I have a saying when it comes to divination: “Don’t be afraid of being wrong, be afraid of being Vague”. In other words when you are reading, it is better to commit to an interpretation and be clear than it is to leave room for interpretation by being vague. Real Data can be taken by […]

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Processing Personal Gnosis

In the occult community there is sometimes an uneasy relationship between information received from spirits, in visions, or mystical experience (personal Gnosis) and information received through tradition and historical research. I have written about how these two should interact in older posts, how there should be a firewall between them that allows us to celebrate when they […]

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LOCAL SORCERY: Witching in the Pines

If you don’t live here, chances are your ideas about New Jersey are formed by its proximity to New York and shows like The Sopranos and The Jersey Shore. Not many people realize that when you get south of the Toms River, it starts to feel more like rural Arkansas than the Crowded over-developed suburban […]

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