Monthly Archives: February 2017

When It Works Like You’re a Wizard

I spend a lot of my time teaching about how magic works to influence change, and how we should seek small strategic points to effect with magic so that we can reach our goals. That’s because magic doesn’t work like it does in the movies…. except when it does. I do maintain that we should […]

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Political Cursing

I have been getting a lot of questions about political magic, specifically about the use of curses and bindings against politicians. Mat Auryn asked 28 different practitioners, including me, about it and posted the results to his blog. Read our answers here: Over the weekend several Strategerati wanted to share and discuss this proposed “Spell […]

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All Sorcery Has a Body Count

The second Inominandum Memorandum came out today, and has a some small thoughts on why all Sorcery has a body count. If you want to know what I am talking about, as well as keep track of whats going on in Strategic Sorcery go check it out and hit subscribe in the upper left hand corner. […]

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Mastros and Zealot: Witches for Hire

Sara Mastros is one of my favorite Witches and so when she told me she was going pro, I was delighted. She is smart, compassionate, and knows her it-shay. I don’t know Simon Zealot quite as well, but we have met at Crucible several times and he is a smart chap with a quick wit. […]

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The Inominandum Memorandum

I started a weekly newsletter. This will be casual, candid, and totally free. First issue came out today and includes: 1. A discussion of why I think “Don’t enchant for money, enchant for experiences that money might bring”. is bad advice. 2. Link to an upcoming benefit talk for Thelesis Oasis in Philadelphia 3. Stuff that […]

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Today is the last day to sign up for Radiant Reading, a new course for people already adept at reading with the Tarot de Marseilles. About 10 years ago I started talking with card readers that were NOT occultists and revamping my reading style. I started talking with readers that I had written off because […]

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  Gordon has followed up his year of triple book release by opening up a premium section on Rune Soup. For $10 a month you get course material, video library, and the possibility of group work. This is an exciting thing. I encourage all my readers and students to take in material from different sources, […]

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Harold Roth: The Witching Herbs –

I grew up with books detailing hundreds of herbs and their magical uses. I would then go to the botanica or the occult store and buy little bags of the herbs for my spells. Harold Roth’s book is for anyone ready to put down the plastic bags of dried herbs and go deep into the […]

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