Monthly Archives: May 2017

Money Magic Home Maintenance Parable

Yesterday it hit 93 degrees, so I flipped on the AC. Four hours later the temp was three degrees Higher than when it was when I put it on. So I called the repair company and found that I need a whole new unit. I told this to someone whose appointment I moved to meet with […]

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Deep Training in a Secret System of Hekatean Sorcery In my first book, Protection and Reversal Magic, I revealed some of the secrets that Hekate, goddess of Sorcery, had revealed to me since our first contact in 2000. That was only a small glimpse into the Arcana that she has been laying out to me […]

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#AmericanGods: The Jersey Devil and the Pines Witch

Sara Mastros started up an “American Gods Project” that encourages people to write on spirits and deities local to where they dwell. This fits well into my #AllSorceryIsLocal thing, so I cannot resist jumping in. The following is about some of the spirits in the Pine Barrens. If you don’t live here, chances are your […]

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