The Global Rite…

Jupiter is one of those beings that I have developed a special relationship with, and who has communicated teachings to me that eventually took shape in my book Financial Sorcery. He is speaking again, this time about weathering the storms that are coming, and how best to weather and even prosper in such times.

This rite has three goals

1. To be a catalyst for the financial growth and well-being of the participants in the rite.
2. To have this influence spill over from us and uplift those closest to us.
3. To give a global blessing against poverty and powerlessness.

A Special Teaching….

This year, following the global rite, I will be scheduling a short presentation in Financial Crisis Sorcery aimed at those who have ongoing or long term financial problems. It will be free to anyone in the Strategic Sorcery course. All information given will only reference the Strategic Sorcery Course or the Financial Sorcery Book. There is no lead-in to other products or money expendatures. My intent is to show how to effective financial sorcery with the tools you have.

The Strategic Sorcery Course

The Global rites are only open to those in the STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE.
This is the course that started it all. 52 Lessons in practical magic delivered to your inbox once a week for a year.

If you are in the course, you will already be receiving Global Rite and automatically. No need to do anything further.

If not, then now is the time to join!

Begin a year of tested training in practical magic with a Global Rite designed to increase your own success as well as that of others around you.

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