9 Reasons To Join Strategic Sorcery: Students Speak

Its that time of year again…. Cool Weather, Leaves Turning, Pumpkin Spice…everything? If you are Strategic Sorcery Student this also means two things:

  1. The Hekate Global Rite
  2. Jason bugging you for blurbs about the course


You probably know that I run a Hekate Course that is rather intense in terms time, money, and result. Do you also know that I run a Hekate Global Rite every year open to anyone in the Strategic Sorcery Course?
The focus of the ritual is to ask Hekate to open the doors to your ancestors, open your eyes to the world of spirit, act as a catalyst for learning the arts of Sorcery. Our lady who is “beyond” has been an active force in the class from the very beginning and her influence can be seen in the seal of sorcery. She has proven effective at boosting the potential of new students as well as focusing and empowering experienced occultists that take the course.

To join in all you need to do is sign up for the Strategic Sorcery Course, my one year course in Practical Magic that is still only $150 total.

Find out the course details here. 



A few hours ago I asked my students to finish this sentence for me: You should Join Strategic Sorcery because…

  • it’s one of the best foundational courses in practical magic you can take. the sheer amount of information you get, not to mention the amazing and lively facebook group and global group rites, make it well worth the extremely low price of entry and if you really put the lessons into practice it pays for itself many times over.
    ” Vanessa Irena newjackwitch.com

  • “because it will bring you from basic level to advanced level and above that if you work hard. There is no better course out there that is so complete as this. Everything is covered, from the different layers of sorcery.” –  D.R. www.the9thlight.com

  • “it’s the Jeet Kune Do of Magic.”  – G.B.

  • “the material progresses through to much more advanced levels and I struggle to think of anyone not gaining something new (be it a fresh perspective or practice) from this course. The price is fantastic for the sheer wealth of information you receive and this course alone can set you up for life.” Seth David Rodriguez http://rodriguezmystic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • “in one year you will learn about the fundamental magical starting points of meditation and offerings and will end up literally pushing the boundaries of yourself and advancing the art of magic itself. This course is life changing.”-John U http://www.crossthedark.com

  • “the bottom line is that if you want to learn magic that WORKS, you need to treat yourself to Jason Miller’s course. He calls it “Strategic Sorcery,“ but I call it “magic that gets shit DONE.” – Mal Strangefellow, http://strangefellow.net

  • “if you don’t get at least a tenfold return on investment, you’re doing it wrong.” – Frater Adservio
  • “You should join Strategic Sorcery because Jason Miller’s yearlong course works in both the mundane and magical worlds, providing tools and methods that help you be in tune with the unseen while still living in a world with the Internet and the 7:15 commuter rush.” = Andrew B Watt  http://andrewbwatt.com
  • “Whatever path you come from, Strategic Sorcery is a powerful journey into the very guts of magic. This course is not and end to finish path: it is a spyral ladder, that you can walk again and again at different levels, and that can bring you very far, indeed”. – Giulia Turolla www.boscodiartemisia.com
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