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Chances are that you already know a lot about the magic of the planets. You know how they act as gates that you rise through the spheres through. You know that they are mapped onto the Tree Of Life and you know which Sephira they relate to. You know that Venus is for love, Jupiter is for wealth, and Mars is for kicking butt. You know that everyone goes bananas when Mercury goes retrograde. There are tons of books explaining all this. It doesn’t need to be said again. I will not waste your time.

This book is different.

This 62 page book is designed to take your planetary work to the next level. Covered within is:

  • How the Greek Vowels act as seed syllables of the planets, and four possible arrangements for working with them.
  • A full explanation of the seven Strategic Planetary Seals that have been introduced in my books and courses.
  • Methods for empowering and healing the body with planetary force.
  • Methods of optimizing planetary influences at any given time.
  • The 49 Interplanetary Calls – short invocations and spells that fully explore the planetary combinations to achieve more nuanced and powerful results.
  • Audio files of me reading the 49 calls.

What People Have Said About Advanced Planetary Magic

“This is big. Jason has filled a gap that even I contributed to creating, and that is practical instructions on exactly how to pronounce these words and vowel strings. The audio portion by itself is going to be a treasure to anyone wants to use his system, my system, or the PGM itself. For that reason alone I would recommend anyone that bought my book to definitely pick this set up. I love that it is practical magic tied together the celestial. The planetary and the practical opening up an avenue through which anyone with sufficient will can tap into the power of the planets for very specific goals. This kicks ass, for lack of a more eloquent term.”
– Michael Cecchetelli, author of The Book of Abrasax and The Crossed Keys

“I’ve always really liked how Jason has a way of laying out complicated concepts very simply. In cooking, one generally has to be a master chef before one can open a restaurant with simple flavors because one needs to be very skilled to not hide behind elaborate preparation. When it’s just you, the basic ingredients and a few simple spices, you have to be on top of your game. Jason Miller is on top of his game in Advanced Planetary Magic.”
– Deborah Castellano, author of  The Arte of Glamour

“What you’ve put together is a set of tools to sculpt your reality, and it puts into words and methods ways to work with the forces of the planets that is highly advanced
– Frater Rufus Opus, author of the Modern Angelic Grimoire


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