Arcane Audio Planetary Gates – July 19th 9pm

The seven planets are an integral part of magic in both the east and the west. How we work with them is almost infinitely variable. They can be seen as rays, as gods, as spheres, and…. as gates.

A series of workings where each planet represents a gateway that is entered in search of power and initiation has been an important part of my practice, and one that I have guided others through as well. There are many methods for this, each produces a different result.

In this class I will be revealing what I learned by going through this process multiple times in multiple ways. In particular I will be focusing on how to take full advantage of the alchemical changes that occur between the planets in a specific order, and in each direction. This pacing and order is even more important than the specific powers we work with.

Armed with the knowledge you gain in this class you will have a step by step method of initiation that will transform and increase your power and perception.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? Join on your Computer., Phone, or Tablet via ZOOM for Video or Audio. Instructions will be sent before the event.

IS THERE A RECORDING? Yes there is! Everyone who signs up gets a recording of the call whether they attend live or not.

WHEN IS IT? July 19th. 9PM Eastern Standard Time.

WHATS THE COST? Fifty Bucks. Use the link below to sign up.…

CAN I PURCHASE OLD ARCANE AUDIO’S? You sure can, go here to do that

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