Arcane Audio’s are special classes and Q and A sessions that run between 2 to 3 hours that allow me to go deep into one specific area of Sorcery.  They occur over a conference call or ZOOM, which is then made into a recording. These are only available to members of the Strategic Sorcery Course. Please do not share this page URL or the calls with anyone.

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AA 12: Tulpas & Strategic Servitors

ITS ALIVE!!!! Unlock your inner Dr Frankenstein with this class on Servitors. Artificial Spirits, Servitors, Designer Entities: the idea that a Sorcerer can create an astral form and give it a life to perform magic has become one of the most controversial aspects of magic. Even though I obviously make use of spirits, I still use servitors for some tasks. In this class I will cut through the controversy to the tech and reveal my own system for making servitors, based on Tibetan Mahayoga Kye-Rim practices.

AA 11: Read Like A Fortune Teller, Not a Vague Esoteric Twaddle Pusher.

This class is about how to read Tarot like the cartomantic system it is. How to see plain and specific patterns in the dance from one card to the next. I will show why I switched to the Older Tarots and how the real mysteries of the Tarot get obscured when weighed down with arcane symbols, runes, and cat people. If you want to get solid and detailed information from Tarot, this class will give you the tools to do that.

AA10: 21 Keys of Spellcraft

There are tons of spells out there, but It took me a long time to realize how to get them to work well. I don’t mean just getting a result – I mean getting a result that MATTERS. A result that will impact your life or the lives of those you work for. If you have ever cast a spell that didn’t work, this may be the course that can help you figure out why. If you regularly cast spells that work, but still seem to wind up in the same circumstances, this class will DEFINITELY help you with that.

AA9: Christian Magic

Saints, Angels, Demons, The Devil. I will lay out why Christianity is important in magic, and how I use it in magical and contemplative practice, two streams of Christian thought that are rarely approached side by side.

AA 8: Sorcery of the Elements:

Air, Water, Fire, Earth, these four elements with a fifth underlying element that variously can be thought of as space, spirit, or consciousness make up the basis of reality. For the Strategic Sorcerer these are not simply a matter of sub-lunar spirits that are less than the planets, but of an underpinning reality at all levels of magic.

AA 7: Martial Mastery

Mars is of course the planet of war, and in a life filled with “first-world problems” and relative safety and security it might seem that the Red Rays of Martial Magic have little offer us outside of rare and extreme situations. This would be incorrect. Almost any problem can be thought of as a martial one. One only has to look at common expressions: we FIGHT illness; we COMPETE in the marketplace, we BATTLE addictions, and we WIN the heart of our true-love. This Audio explored the applications of Martial Magic in our lives.

AA 6: Solar Sorcery

The Sun is the central axis of the planetary scheme. It is the light giver to all the other planets both physically and mystically, yet is often underused in practical magic. When people want love they go to Venus, when they want wealth they go to Jupiter, when they want to defeat enemies they go to Mars, and so on. But the Sun, used in conjunction or alone, can affect all these areas of magic and more.

AA5: Sorcery of Saturn

Saturn: The Big Bad Ass of the planetary powers. Some magicians fear Saturn so much that they leave it out of their work all together, but the truth is that Saturn is necessary and good – you just need to know how to handle it.

AA4: Healing Sorcery

Nutrition, exercise, and medical care are the primary pillars of good health, but as Sorcerers we have other methods of boosting health at our disposal. The judicious use of these methods can speed along or heal a disease, lend strength and lessen the symptoms of ongoing conditions, and help keep the temple of the body a worthy place for performing magic. – Includes Transmission of White Tara

AA3: Mercury, Movement, and Mediating

A student on the Strategic Sorcery group recently noted that “The better you can handle the flow of the money or the resources, the more will be bestowed upon you.” This is true not just for money, but for all kinds of magic – including illumination. Thinking in terms of motion is the key to advanced magic.  – Includes a transmission of White Mahakala

AA2: Advanced Financial Sorcery

Money should not be the central consuming force in your life, but just like other needs, we can only be relaxed about it if we have it in good supply. I wrote Financial Sorcery to give Sorcerers the tools they need to master money and establish a firm fiscal foundation, but two years later I find that I have a lot more to say on the matter. Includes Transmission of Yellow Dzambhala

AA1: Influence and Binding

Admit it, you have always wanted to do the Jedi Mind Trick right? Well after this class… you still won’t be able to control people’s minds.You will however have a much better understanding of how to wield influence. The truth is that you are already influencing people, everyone you come into contact with. The trick for the Sorcerer is to do it well, and in a way that furthers your goals. A Sorcerer that cannot influence the minds of other people is hardly a Sorcerer at all. – Includes Kurukulla Transmission