“This has been the magical bootcamp, the P90X/INSANITY workout system of magic that I was desperately looking for.” – Scarlet Magdalene It Is Time Once Again To Open The Gates… THE SORCERY OF HEKATE COURSE In my first book, Protection and Reversal Magic, I revealed some of the secrets that Hekate, goddess of Sorcery, had revealed […]

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As you may or may not know, for the last several years I ran a bi-monthly program available only to members of the Strategic Sorcery Course.  I have been inspired by the spirit of the season to open this up to everyone for a few days, and offer it at a special price. From now […]

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HEKATE – Global Rite and Course

A lot of people have been joining the course before the new global rite, which is awesome. A lot of people have also been asking about the Sorcery of Hekate Course and when the next cycle starts. Since these two things can get confused, I feel I should clarify them. THE GLOBAL RITE The Hekate […]

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What Strategic Sorcery Specializes In.

Recently someone noted that I am always mentioning Sorcery has a focus on “results”, and they wondered what this really means because all magic focuses on results. You don’t see much in the way of “non-results” magic being talked about after all, so its a fair point. When I am talking about results, I am […]

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How old are you? 25? 30? 35? I want you to take a minute and think about how long your life has been up to this point. Now realize that you might have that long ahead of you AFTER you are 65 or 70. I turned 45 today so age is on my mind. While […]

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Teacher and Student Hullabaloo

Yesterday someone contacted me about something one of my students did, as if I was somehow going to step in and command them to stop. A couple weeks ago someone told me that they wanted to take my course but was afraid of having his own status as a teacher questioned, because he would be […]

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9 Reasons To Join Strategic Sorcery: Students Speak

Its that time of year again…. Cool Weather, Leaves Turning, Pumpkin Spice…everything? If you are Strategic Sorcery Student this also means two things: The Hekate Global Rite Jason bugging you for blurbs about the course THE HEKATE GLOBAL RITE You probably know that I run a Hekate Course that is rather intense in terms time, money, […]

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Invocation and Instruction From St Cyprian

I had originally planned to write a post every day for all nine days. Instead the great Saint commanded me to the great prayers of silence and work. To celebrate his feast today I submit the following invocation/instruction without further comment. Holy Saint Cyprian, Martyr and Mage Patron of magic committed to page Thy book […]

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St Cyprian Pre-Post

Among occultists St Cyprian has become more popular than Ed Sheeran, so most of you probably already know that tomorrow begins the “Days of the Cyprians” – the 9 days leading up to Sept 26th, the feast of our beloved Martyr Mage. The image above is of a St Cyprian medal that I wear pretty […]

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