Shoaling and Strategic Sorcery

So Gordon wrote, what I think is certainly the best thing to come out on sigils in the last 10 years, and a large part of that is that he very clearly and cleanly explains his shoaling system in context. Gordon and I work magic in a very similar fashion on a number of levels. […]

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I haven’t spoken about it here because it is only open to those who have  received all the Strategic Sorcery Lessons, but the STRATEGIC SELF course launches tomorrow morning! I just finished the first lesson and I am jazzed for what is to come. I mention this here only because at the beginning of the […]

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Spitrituality: how do you know it is working?

Over at Magic of Thought  there was a thoughtful reply to my Psychology and Magic post. After making some interesting points Mike ended his post with a question. “So, I have a question for Jason, and anyone else thinking about these things: If you are doing magick for an awakening / enlightenment / personal growth, which […]

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We have liberal pastors!

In his blog today Frater RO put out the call for the appearance of Liberal Pastors. The thing is that they are already here. Entire movements of them. MAINLINE CHRISTIANITY: Mainline Christianity (most of Protestant Denominations, named after the railroad mainline in Philadelphia where many of these denominations first became established) WAS the majority of […]

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Magic and Mind and Psychology

I think by now everyone knows that I am against any view that reduces magic to psychology or seeing spirits as parts of the brain or anything at all like that. I have been happy to see this view rejected by more and more people over the years. Unfortunately in rejecting the idea of magic […]

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Endorsement of my Sex Magic Lesson`

My friend wrote up an endorsement of the Sex Magic lesson from the SS Course. “Inominandum’s Intro to Sex Magic is hands-down the clearest and most practical piece I’ve ever read on the subject.  I’ve been a magical practitioner for over 30 years. In that time I’ve read a lot of the sex-magic literature that’s […]

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