Jow does in fact smile

Just for the record, Jow does smile. All the time in fact. I actually chose that photo because it is the rare occasion he looks like he is trying to kill someone with his thoughts. That and Deb looks angelic. Here is another photo to prove Jows benevolent disposition: Many thanks to Ogre the Omnimancer for taking […]

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When Magi Meet.

When experienced magicians meet, there is always transmission. This can happen formally at times, but after a certain level tends to happen informally. Spiritual presence mingles with spiritual presence, the channels of one magus dance with the channels of another, and of course the sharing of ideas through simple conversation. These are occassions to celebrate, […]

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A few things about the Kilaya Talismans. 1. To order them, write me at inominandum@gmail.com 2. I am giving away 5 of them, so if you are in need of obstacles being broken up in your life, but cannot afford the $50, please write me and I will let you know if there are any […]

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May 20th – Vajrakilaya Amulets.

May 20th is an important solar eclipse for those that practice Tibetan Magic. This accurs on a New Moon, and happens the Day before Saga Dawa (Birth and Death of Buddha Shakyamuni). As this will make all positive and negative actions multiplied by 10,000 times, I have decided to do another batch of Tibetan Talismans. […]

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Post Chaos Magic Part 2: PLUS SIZE MODELS!

BELIEF MODEL Chaos Magic arose in not only in a multi-cultural world, but in a world that had become such a melting pot that even the most esoteric and secretive occult traditions were becoming public in an unprecedented manner. It is hard though for any westerner to shake off Christian programming, and part of that […]

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Special Deal until next friday night: JOIN THE STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE AND GET A FREE TIBETAN MO READING These are short divination’s on specific topics or projects, they are not long life path readings. When you sign up for the course, simply state the issue you would like a diviation on. You will receive your answer along […]

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Non-Theistic Prayer

Today is the national day of prayer as determined by congress in 1952, so I thought today would be a good day to respond to a blog post by Zeta over at the Devils Notebook. She is taking Frater RO’s excellent courses and is having a bit of trouble with the praying part of the […]

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CYCLE 9 of Strategic Sorcery Course

  CYCLE 9 of STRATEGIC SORCERY TRAINING STARTS ON MAY 15th I am very excited to be announcing cycle 9 to begin in two weeks! The course consists of 52 lessons arriving by e-mail every Tuesday morning for a year. In addition to this there is a student’s forum, and access to me for questions. […]

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Jupiter on the go

As it happened I needed to be on the road all day on Thursday and did not take any tools with me. Does that mean I missed the Jupiter Election? HELL NO! I used Magic on the go! Step 1: Get materials. I could have done it on paper, but that would be too easy […]

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Jupiter Election

I just spoke to Christopher Warnock and he wants me to remind all of you to vote for Jupiter in the election! What’s that Chris? No? Not that kind of election? OOOOOOOHHHH…. What I mean to say is that Christopher Warnock has found an exciting election for Jupiter and wants people to take advantage of […]

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