Strategic Sorcery

One Year of Training in Practical Magic
52 Lessons on Practical Magic, one per week delivered straight to your e-mail. Apart from the course this is also the gateway to the Strategic Sorcery community: 1300+ people that have taken the course, post field reports, and workshop ideas together.  It also opens the gateway to participation in closed activities like the Strategic Sorcery Global Rites, and gives access to programs only open to course members such as the Arcane Audio Recording series.

If you enjoyed my books and my blog, this is the first step into a larger world.

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Take Back Your Mind

Six Months of Mind Training 
Most teachings on meditation talk about finding calm and peace. Calm and peace are important, and you will attain those for sure, but that that is a side effect, not the goal. The goal is to take back what has been stolen from you: you attention span, your self-awareness, your ability to act from will rather than habit. The Goal is to wake up: to be present, self possessed, and in command of tools and powers you did not even know you had. Some meditation teachers make it sound like they want you to be dead from the neck down, I want you to be fully alive. Fully transcendent and fully engaged with the world at the same time.

If you are looking for a program that is not just watered down Buddhism, but something designed for your life and the way that you live it, this is the place.

The Take Back Your Mind Course opens up every 6 months. It will open again in November 2016.


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The Sorcery of Hekate

Deep Training in a Secret System of Hekatean Sorcery
In my first book, Protection and Reversal Magic, I revealed some of the secrets that Hekate, goddess of Sorcery, had revealed to me since our first contact in 2000. That was only a small glimpse into the Arcana that she has been laying out to me over the last 16 years, and which is finally ready to be shared. This seven month course requires a small daily practice commitment and is for people who want to explore one versatile practice very deeply for an extended time rather than jump wildly through new esoteric offerings that the internet provides.

The Sorcery of Hekate Course opens up every seven months. It will open again in December 2016.

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