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“This was the hardest, but best thing I have ever done”
T.S., Student of Take Back Your Mind 2015

This course is different than most mindfulness programs. Most teachings on meditation talk about finding calm and peace. Calm and peace are important, but they are a side effect, not the goal. The goal is to take back what has been stolen from you: your attention span, your self-awareness, your ability to act from your own will rather than the push and pull of habit and external conditions. The Goal is to wake up: to be present, self possessed, and in command of tools and powers you did not even know you had.

Some meditation teachers make it sound like they want you to be dead from the neck down, I want you to be fully alive. Fully transcendent and fully engaged with the world at the same time. The goal of this class is not just to keep your clarity and calm, but to increase your sharpness and edge.If we are going to Take Back Our Minds wile still maintaining a fully engaged life filled with work, family, friends, success, adventure, and joy, we need a program designed with that life in mind – not an approach based on the lives monks or contemplatives and which treats ordinary life as an obstacle. This program treats your ordinary life as a platform for mindfulness, not a barrier to it.

How the course works

The Take Back Your Mind Method revolves around first establishing practices to fit three type of time:
1. Cushion Time: Formal Meditation sessions done once or twice a day.
2. Mindful Moments: Formal short sessions that link your cushion sessions together and carry their benefit into your daily routine
3. Idle Time: Time set aside specifically for unstructured time where the mind can manifest the play of awareness

On this foundation is built a series of exercises, modes of thought, and teachings designed to conquer specific obstacles that arise, deepen our mindfulness, and transcend the boundaries of what we thought possible.

Every Monday for three months you will wake up to a recording in your inbox that gives the mind-training instructions I want you to focus on incorporating into your life. Throughout the week you will get additional material such as videos, shorter recordings, quotations, and links to support your progress and place those teachings into proper context.

What are people saying about the course?

Here are some comments from students of the most recent cycle.

“I found the TBYM course very valuable. As someone with meditation experience I still learned a number of excellent techniques. I found the course content interesting and incredibly relevant to the challenges of daily life. I imagined the cushion time commitment would be the most difficult part, and have found it has become something I look forward to during my day. The experience of practicing so regularly opened me up to making many more positive changes in my life. I leave the course feeling more calm, more confident and more capable of being my best self.– RB – Take Back Your Mind 2016

“When I started ‘Take Back Your Mind’ in July this year, my mind was in an unsettled & agitated state, & I was highly reactive to many of the perceived day to day challenges in my life. Within the First two Lessons, which focused on sitting practices, the Gate of Heka practice stabilized my mind enough to allow me to notice & drop a lot of my reactivity to day to day challenges. Later Lessons were also crucial in letting me finally start to build some much needed emotional resiliency, grounded in a positive & realistic view of life. By the end of the Take Back Your mind course, the penny had dropped & I finally realized  the root cause underlying many of my unhelpful habitual patterns.
The best thing about Take Back Your Mind is that is gives you the tools, techniques & motivation, both on & off the cushion, to clearly identify pain points in your life, & then do something about them.I consider Take Back Your Mind to be the single best investment I have ever made to help improve the quality of my life.” – D.L.  Take Back Your Mind 2016

“Jason Miller’s “Take Back Your Mind” meditation course is ANYTHING BUT your run-of-the-mill Yoga/Buddhist/New Age meditation class. I know, because I’ve been doing those for a couple decades. I was sold on TBYM when I saw a lesson called “Tea with Demons,” but that’s just a sliver of the content. And it’s not just a theory class; after the first two weeks, I could maintain focus longer. After a month, I felt a sharp clarity in my thinking. And after three months, these practices magnified my efforts to reduce anxiety. This isn’t just a course on meditation. It’s a toolbox for a meaningful life. Or maybe a toybox. Seriously. Take this course.” -D.K.   Take Back Your Mind 2016

How do I start? 

Fee for the course is $300. Sign up using the link below.

You can pay in ONE PAYMENT OF $300

or THREE PAYMENTS OF $100 over three months.

Those that sign up before New Year will receive a special “New Years Anti-Resolution” teaching that will help you take advantage of the energy and renewal that comes with this time of year without falling victim to the failure that often accompany the typical resolution.