Don’t Lose Your Shirt; Don’t Lose Your Shit

VOLATILE TIMESDon’t Lose Your Shirt; Don’t Lose Your Shit

Strategic Sorcery for Volatile Times. Saturday March 4th. 6pm

No matter where you are politically there are a few things that you have to acknowledge. The job market is changing radically and rapidly and effects all aspects of the economy. We are inundated with news and information, all of which is getting harder to trust. Whether you think he is a fascist, a savior. or just a political outsider, the recent US presidential election creates uncertainty.

But before you go off-grid, build a bunker, and put all your money in gold, lets consider the power of practical Sorcery to help you not only survive, but thrive in these volatile times.

I am concerned specifically about two things I see happening everywhere I look:
1. People losing their shirt because of a bad economy, changing job market, and a generally bad approach to money in general.
2. People losing their shit because the world can seem like it is falling apart and that ideologically you are at war with about half your fellow citizens.

This talk is about employing the principals of strategic sorcery to take back your finances, your mind, and your power.

If you can come in person: come on down to Thelesis Oasis in Philadelphia at 6pm on Saturday the 4th.

If you can’t come in person; sign up anyway and get the recording to listen to at your leisure.

$30 Donation, $20 for dues-current members of the OTO
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Jason Miller

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