FIELD REPORT FRIDAY! – Wrath and Retribution in Central America

SEAL-OF-SORCERY smallThe latest Inominandum Memorandum went out, but I was so busy I forgot to include this weeks FIELD REPORT. So I will do it here instead, and maybe make it a blog feature instead..

This one is from a student in Central America (leaving the country name out on purpose) and involves a response to both a burglary and an unfair lender. The specific magic done involves an Orisha, and this student is initiated and works in that tradition outside of Strategic Sorcery*. How they asked that Orisha to work, was however deeply influenced by Strategic Sorcery and the principals we use for success in magic.
A little heavy handed when it came to dealing with the lenders, but I believe that turning the working against the burglers into a working that protected them and the community laid the groundwork for getting the excellent result that he did. All in all, well done. Here is the report:

Hi Jason,

We were robbed around the Christmas holiday. Two days later, they came back and tried it again. This time, they got shot at and left in a hurry.

To make matters worse, at the same time, we started being pressured to pay off a loan early that we had signed for with another person. We have met all our agreements, but they want us to pay it off faster. We politely refused.

We discovered that they had been trying to stir up problems for us. Due to all the other issues we had been dealing with, I kind of snapped and decided to aim at them.

There were lots of choices I had… and I should have chosen a better response I believe, in hindsight.

Anyone I make an agreement with, as a rule, I have pictures of. In this case it is a father and his adult son.

So I took copies of their pictures and did a working on them. Then sent one of the Orisha’s I’m close to at them.

A couple of weeks later, the son was drunk and driving and totaled his car. Where we live, if you are drunk and have an accident, the insurance will not pay for the drivers damages that was drunk. It was a total loss for him. Car totaled.

I thanked the Orisha and suggested that if they are doing anything further to us, to stay on top of them.

Two days ago, my wife sent me a newspaper report. It was of a serious accident where a car going at high speed smashed into the back of a parked 18 wheeler. Guess who it was again? Yep, the son. This time he was in his fathers car. He was so drunk he couldn’t get out by himself. In addition, the accident beat him up badly. About an 8 inch gash across his face and other issues.

I immediately went out to thank the Orisha and said that I believe they have had enough and to stop for now. They have now lost both of their cars. And in a pretty devastating way.

That was an amazing result. But it is not all.

Having sent the same Orisha after the burglars, we have not been robbed again. In fact, the entire neighborhood has not had a robbery. And I had worked on protecting everyone as many have little in the way of resources to help themselves.

A police office was arrested. Another was suspended. And we had suspected them of helping the robbers. It appears that those involved have moved away.

We formed a neighborhood watch and are much closer with our neighbors. Which is a very pleasant bonus.

Overall, I’m happy with the results. I probably could have done a lesser working – but it is what it is. I’m fine with it.

Thank you Jason and all those in Strategic Sorcery group for their thoughts and suggestions.





* Strategic Sorcery is not an African Traditional Religion, and does not pretend to be. It does not offer any connection with spirits from such traditions, nor recommend that initiations be ignored. There are a lot of pretend lineages out there and I wanted to make this clear.

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