Getting The Blog Back On Track: WHAT IF THE SPIRITS WERE PEOPLE?

8ac547e4ec175552bbdacadad7143118“Has the Inominandum Memorandum now replaced the Strategic Sorcery blog? Because right now the blog looks like a list of advertisements…” 

I was asked this last week and you know what? They’re right. I see people blogging less and less in favor of podcasting, which I have no interest in. I may do some videos here occasionally, but I am a writer and honestly even when working on a book or course, writing a short blog piece helps me get the fingers tapping when I don’t feel like working on the bigger projects. It loosens the cobwebs and gets the mind flowing.

SO, now the Inominandum Memorandum is up and running every Friday, its time to get the blog back on track with a post every Wednesday that has nothing to do with any kind of promotion. I want to start with a piece of advice that I seem to always be giving to students….

Treat the Spirits Like People

So many questions can be answered by asking yourself “How would I act if this was a person?” 

A spirit found me a lover/job/situation that I asked them to, but this isn’t really what I wanted….. How would you act if this was a person who found it?  You would probably thank them, but explain why you can’t take them up on this and maybe ask them to try again, or turn somewhere else for help. Yet people have a really hard time doing this with spirits…

A spirit is demanding offerings/time/service that are above and beyond what I originally agreed to….. How would you act if this was a person? Tell them no and then leave it up to them whether they want to continue a relationship with you based on what you are willing to give or poltely back out of a relationship.

I get asked all the time about my Spirit Feast rituals where you are literally inviting everyone and everything, some like Nagas may have strict taboos and not like what other spirits like…. How would you act if this was a Vegan you invited to a large party? At a private dinner where its just you and them, they should expect that what is served meets their needs and desires, and would rightly be upset if you served them steak. At a large party however you would have something for everyone and if there were things there that the person didn’t like, they have the choice to ignore it and eat something else – or leave.

When we interact with people of other cultures there is a certain expectation that we will make an attempt to learn and interact with them on their terms and protocols and maybe even language. There is also an expectation of understanding when a foreigner makes a mistake or breaks a taboo by not knowing. Same with Spirits. Just like people there are spirits who will be unforgiving assholes – deal with them like people: put up with their crap or don’t.

The spirit gave questionable advice? Do you take bad advice from people? Are you assuming knowledge and prescience that the spirit doesn’t have because its

You get the idea.

Spirits are NOT people. There are many protocols and considerations that we have to consider when contacting them, but often when it comes to expectations and problems “What would I do if this were a person” will provide good guidance.

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