52 Lessons on practical magic and a global community of supportive practitioners not enough to entice you into joining Strategic Sorcery? How about the opportunity to raise your voice with hundreds of other Sorcerers and Sorceresses making an invocation and offering to Helios, the God of the Sun? He has been very kind on honoring us, as we have honored him, and this rite, perhaps more than any other is linked to people launching successful long term Strategic Sorcery that doesnt just get a simple result, but utterly changes lives.

Helios Success Stories.

Here are some comments about the results from previous participants of this Rite:

“The pic below would help me to illustrate the drastic change I went through. Not just physically but also in my mind, heart and spirit.  I really would like to thank everything that I learned here, your words of support and every Field report that inspires me all The time.”
– Daphne Brito

“I got proposed and married in 6 months; my practice improved 300% and I have all kinds of interesting abilities manifesting; I got more free time and more money; I even took up my miniature painting hobby back.
I had a long list full of things that I listed in the ritual and most of those are crossed now.”
– RC

“Both my spouse and I did the rite last year, and within 3 months, my spouse landed their dream job which lead to our moving into a much better apartment for a trivial increase in rent, and I started down a path that would ultimately lead to almost tripling my base salary these past couple months.
– B

How To Participate

All you need to do is join the Strategic Sorcery Course before February 2nd and you will get a copy of the Helios Global Rite. Perform it any time during the three day window and your power will be added to the hundreds of others across the world making offerings and prayers.

The Strategic Sorcery Course consists of 52 lessons in practical magic arriving one each week.
It also gives you access to:

  • The Strategic Sorcery Facebook Group: the hub for the community.
  • The Global Rites: quarterly rites that join your power with hundreds of others in an effort to bolster success.
  • Access to special challenges and programs like the Arcane Audio classes, Better your Lot challenge and many others.


Cost for the course is just $150 for the whole year – less than $3 a lesson! 

If you want to see the class list and more details, click here. Otherwise just hit the paypal button and Join Right Now

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