How to be Worthy…

In my last the comments of my last post Christopher Kenworthy pointed out something that I was not aware of: that people on the NAP (New Avatar Power) Forums* have found that the Elubatel ritual for success has turned some peoples lives completely upside down, and that Elubatel often gives people a message that they are unworthy.

I haven’t checked out these forums and have no knowledge of the specific instances that other people have been told this, but I have been told this myself by a different angel a few years back. I questioned him further and the issue really was not about any kind of moral worth but was instead a matter of arranging my life to be able to handle the gift I was asking for. This is one reason that I am always stressing the mundane work that must be done alongside of the magical work.

In my case, I was asking for a large increase in wealth but my life was not set up to accommodate its manifestation in any reasonable way: I worked one job with set hours, fixed salary, and no where in the company to get promoted to. There was no other reasonable means for money to come in. This is the type of situation that is a recipe for disaster: with no smooth channel for magic to manifest through it will either fizzle or, if pursued with enough vigor, cause the money to come in through insurance payments on a wrecked car, disability payments for you lost limb, or perhaps the cliche inheritance from wealthy relative that just happened to die.

If you want to be ‘worthy’ of success, you have to make room for it. You have to have a life that is scalable to the effect you wish to achieve. Gordon wrote about this a few years ago,:

“If you want to be a millionaire then you should not be working in a business that cannot scale.
For example: There is a natural cap to the amount of money a baker can make… It’s the amount he can produce in an hour times the amount of hours he can physically work times the maximum amount people are willing to pay for bread before they say ‘fuck this, I’ll buy it at the supermarket.’
A professional property investor, on the other hand, has a business that she can scale. Successful magic requires scalability.”– Gordon White

This scalability is in itself a kind of worthiness. You are showing that you have a life that can accommodate the blessing you are asking for.

Now, perhaps some powers do make moral judgement about people and whether they will work for them or not. If they sense the type of Greed that not only desires for you to have more, but for others to have less, perhaps that is a turn off to some powers – but you can always contact other powers. Just like people, you can always find someone willing to do it.

I have found that some powers reward good works and charitable giving. Indeed the very “spirit” of money itself seems to resonate with this practice and a key piece of advice from financial guru’s, even those with no real spiritual component to their philosophy, is that the world seems to reward charitable giving with even more wealth. This is not however usually a pre-requisite for magical assistance.

Magic is not Alimony, and magic is also not Santa Clause. We all figure out pretty fast that Santa gives the rich kids better toys than the poor kids right? Well just because someone’s “norm” is making 300k a year does not make them more morally worthy than someone making 30k. Yet, in each case that may be the level that feels “normal”. Anything less than that feels like something is wrong, and anything more than that may feel greedy – but it shouldn’t.

Make yourself worthy by making your life strategically scalable. Then enchant the hell out of it!

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Phillip Martin

A lot of the message here in regard to making room for scalable success is similar to my own thoughts on the Abremelin Rite. In order to attain godlike powers, your first step is: Get Godlike!

Alexander Ramos

I learned the same a long time ago. I had done a simple working from nap focusing on solar for money assistance,at the same time out of the blue. My aunt offered to pay for some medical treatment I was paying for out of pocket. It was more than she could really afford and I felt guilty.

That is why I now look at opportunities around me available before attempting anything.

Aidan Wachter

Great points, Jason. I often tell people you have to (well, if you want things to work, and work at all smoothly) set up routes for the changes you seek to manifest. Because you don’t usually want to develop a keen sense of smell to make of for your blindness, wealth from your wife’s life insurance settlement, etc. Mostly, the changes just don’t happen. But sometimes they do, and if the only way in is via pain and blood…well, you said you really wanted it, right? So create pathways in, first, and then go out and make your calls…success is much more likely, and much more pleasant.


I learned a great deal from this. Thanks for sharing.

Christopher Kenworthy

Beautiful clarity on the subject. I have found that many spirits respond well if you expresses how the result will benefit yourself and the knock on benefits for others. This doesn’t seem to be connected to morality, because those benefits can be downright debauched. It feels more like saying, ‘I really have opened the pathways and considered the impact and repercussions of all this, so please go ahead and manifest.’

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Christopher Wildbore

Al Manning in his book “Helping yourself with white witchcraft” (forgive the title it is a good book), has an exercise that speaks to the moral worthiness. To summarize: Get a mirror, look into you eyes, state your intent (ie 1000.00 by next week). Now wait until you hear a response. most likely it will be something along the lines of “you don’t deserve that” or something like that. Hear it out and negotiate how you can be worthy. This is your own inner doubts talking. If you can’t get out of your own way, your working will fizzle.

Just a thought


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