Hygge-the-art-of-living-Danishly-theearlyhour.com_April 1st 2017 is the perfect day to announce my next book project: HYGGE SHUI.

In yet another bold fusion of Eastern and Western thought I will be taking the Danish design craze that is sweeping the world and combining it with the  art of harmonizing our home environment for auspicious fortune. This will establish perfect Hygge-chi which will cultivate success and good fortune within the cozy comfort of sheep skin blankets, scented candles, and warm mulled wine.

The book will be a large coffee-table book with full color illustrations – perfect for resting on your oak table in your rustic cabin by the lake. It will include things like:

  • Use Ba-Gua Mirrors to reflect your Scented Candles.
  • Adding Texture with Tibetan Sheepskin Rugs inscribed with Trigrams.
  • How to properly place a Chan Chu in your Hygge Corner.
  • Where to best place your hand-letter writing Station
  • Using skylights to open your rustic cabin to the big dipper
  • Making Prosperity Amulets out of Birch Bark
  • Much Much More!

The book will be release thus Autumn, and hopefully this whole Hygge Thing will not be over by then…..

Hygge-Shui consultations will be available by appointment only.

To Pre-Order the book or schedule a Hygge Shui consultation use THIS LINK.