International Women’s Day, Strike, Protest and Support.

FYfSYxQTo all Strategic Sorceresses, Witches, and Women everywhere:

Some of you are striking.
Some of you are marching
Some of you are wearing red
Some of you are praying
Some of you are simply avoiding spending money today.

Your actions are inspiring, and whatever you are doing today I wish you luck and liberation, safety and success.

Please enjoy this picture of Mary Punching The Devil. May she bless you in your efforts…

Hail Mary Full of Grace, Punch the Devil In the Face. Amen.

Also, if you want to show solidarity with cash, today would be a good day to donate to a charity like…

Polaris Project that works to end Human Trafficking

Planned Parenthood which is having its federal funding cut.

Girls Not Brides which works to end Child Marriage

National Breast Cancer Foundation

National Womens Law Center

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