Its NEW, It’s BLUE, It’s Conjure Codex 3!

A few days ago a courier from Pricewaterhouse Coopers rang my bell and unlocked the handcuff holding the briefcase to his left hand. He opened it up and handed me an advance copy of Conjure Codex 3 from Hadean Press. Actually, he handed me the script for a La-la-land sequel, then apologized and gave me the Conjure Codex, but hey, I got it – that’s the important thing.

And today it is available for PRE-SALE!!! 

This thing is cooooool. So cool its blue. Like the Blue Grimoires that inspired Hadean Press in the first place. This third Conjure Codex is by far my favorite of the three. Apart from the fantastic essays on Conjure by all the Hadean notables like Jake-Stratton Kent, Alexander Cummins, and Nicholaj de Mattos Fisvold, we have BOTH translators of books of St Cyprian, Humberto Maggi and Jose Leitao, here to give background on the Christian side of the art. Jose, in his essay on being Unapologetically Catholic specifically steals my heart by making a point I have been trying to drive home, but with less eloquence than he does: “”So, thinking you can call up a Saint and simultaneously give the finger to Jesus is, in the least, naive and, at the most, arrogant stupidity that can get you spiritually bitch-slapped. Don’t be a hypocrite.””

Walking through it one by one Jake Stratton-Kent presents an essay on interpreting spirit catalogs, which is almost like a users guide for Pandemonium. Dr. Alexander Cummins gives us an extensive meditation on Jupiter and his powers. Manly X. Hammer examines different designs of a Goetic Triangle and why you may or may not need one. Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold talks about the role of Water and watery spirits in Ifa. Darren Scriven starts steering the text in a Christian direction with his exploration of the spiirts of Thursday. Humberto Maggi continues the Christian Conjure with a piece on Faustus and Christian Apologetics. If the last two authors waxed Christian, José Leitão takes us to church with his essay on Catholicism and the Saints. Madeleine le Despencer promptly then takes the wheel and steers into back into witchcraft with one of the best explorations of Mugwort that I have ever read. Finally, the serpent power is explored through a meso-american lens by Verónica Rivas.

Pre-Order the book here. 


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