“Jason, I get it. I can’t neglect the mundane…” NO, you DON’T get it.

“Jason, I get it, I can’t neglect the mundane. Now let’s talk magic.”

No. You don’t get it. 

A lot of people remind magicians and witches to not neglect the mundane. This is nothing new and it’s good advice, but that is NOT what I have been getting at all these years.

What I am getting at is that beyond the simplest spells, the magic you do to succeed in any endeavor is dependent upon the specific details of that endeavor.

  • Knowing how the job market works, what companies expect, and how hiring managers evaluate applicants will effect the specific magic that you do to get a job. Every move you make towards that opens up new possibilities for sorcery at that step or stage.
  • Knowing anatomy and having some basic medical training informs and effects the healing work that you offer, and can even give spirits and your own psychic impressions a better hold on what is happening.
  • Knowing about how money works, and how to market something successfully will open up new spells and specific enchantments for you to explore.

It is not about “following up with mundane steps“. It is not that “neglecting the non magical “.

It is about using specific and targeted sorcery that simply cannot even be conceived of by those ignorant or inactive in the field in which they wish to succeed.

Got it?

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