Jason-AboutI am an Author of four books on Sorcery and Spirituality.

I am a Teacher who runs courses on Practical Magic and Meditation.

I am a Consultant who specializes in the intersection metaphysical influence and financial  matters.

I am a Sorcerer who can help nudge the powers of probability in your favor.


You want the story? Here ya go…

When I was five I had one of those weird experiences where reality just seems less real than it should. The kind that feels like a glimpse behind the curtain of a play, the rigging and boards behind the set. I never shook that feeling that there was more to our minds and our lives than was being taught.

If only we could catch a glimpse from the right angle…

When I was a teenager I started trying to peek behind that veil again, and studied everything could find on magic, mysticism, and the occult. I got those glimpses I was looking for, and I learned how to make use of what I was learning to make a better life and a better mind.

For the next ten years I studied everything I could get my hands on. It didn’t matter if it was Ceremonial Magic or the folk magic techniques of Rootwork and Witchcraft, I absorbed it all. In fact I found that together, each approach strengthened the other and made for a Sorcery that could be streamlined for the modern world, and be startlingly effective.

I still wanted more: more wisdom, more power, more liberation. So I took a page out the comics and did what all my childhood mystical superheroes like Dr. Strange, Mandrake, The Shadow, and Dr. Doom did.

I moved to the Himalayas.

It was in Nepal that I underwent the initiations I would need to do Sorcery the way that I knew it could be done. A practice that integrated the very best of training for the mind/body/spirit with influences from key spiritual powers. A practice that could send one on a journey to the deepest states and highest planes to bring back the magic and mojo to change the waking world for the better.

This is Strategic Sorcery.

It is what my life has been about for nearly 30 years, and I want to share it.

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