LEVEL UP YOUR MAGIC – Course Begins With a New Structure on August 14th

Did you know I run a class on weird advanced magic? I do. This was stuff I kept to myself for a long time because:

  1. Its very subtle and hard to nail down, thus takes a lot of explanation and experimentation.
  2. Some of it veers on the stuff that many occultists who are locked into established methods would sneer at.

A year ago I decided to throw caution to the wind and just do it, and I am so glad I did. Here are a few comments.

“I have taken all your classes, but THIS. This is the best thing you have ever done.”
– J.S.

“The combination of The Inner Heat, and the Sandpiling has blown away my concept of what is even real anymore. I can’t look at magic the same way anymore.” 
– P.F.

“My only complaint is that it is so packed with new material I don’t have time to do it all in 6 months. Thank you for letting us stay in the groups and take future cycles for free.” 
– C.F.


Its a Three Month Audio Course that focuses on peeling back the layers of reality one after another. Literally Leveling Up each time we do so. This course is for those who want to know the machinery of magic, not just what it does, but how it works. Direct knowledge of this will change you from someone who possesses occult knowledge, into someone who is a conduit for the powers that be.


Starting on August 14th you will receive a  lesson  and continue to receive one every week for 11 weeks.   You also have access to THE ARCADE, a secret facebook group where you ask questions and have discussions with other students. At the end of every week I will issue a Q and A on the Arcade about that weeks lesson. There will also be challenges every week that are designed to put that weeks lesson to use so you have “field experience” and not just a theoretical understanding.

At the end of the course there will be a live webinar “wrap up” where we talk about what you have been doing and how to move forward from here.


This class is, for lack of a better term f*cking wierd. We step right off the edge of the acceptable and get into non traditional territory. To give you an idea of what this will be like I have included Lesson 1 FOR FREE. This includes the first ritual of that course The Offering To Extended Self



The Course is $400 bucks.
11 lessons plus the webinar at the end makes 12, so each lesson costs exactly 33.33333 to infinity dollars which is perfectly fitting for what you are signing up for 🙂

You can either pay all $400 up front

Or you can subscribe to pay $100 a month for four months.

I hope you will join us and LEVEL UP Your practice.

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