Magic is not Alimony

For the last couple months I have been doing these one-on-one consultations several times a week, many of them have been about Financial Sorcery. One thing that I have noticed is the need for unbinding. Not unbinding from crossed conditions or negative magic, but from the limitations we place on ourselves and our magic. This weekend I found myself saying this strange axiom to a client:


Alimony is of course what you pay to an ex spouse to keep them “in the manner to which they have become accustomed”. A lot of people seem to think that magic works this way too, just keeping up the status quo. Anything more than that and people tend to get self conscious and defensive.

Gravitating around a status quo is normal and its what I wrote about in the Set Point chapter of Financial Sorcery, but I am finding that a lot of people have feelings that go beyond that. They want to make magic to support promotions, new jobs, and new businesses, but always throw in statements like “I’m not trying to be greedy”, or “It’s not just for me of course, my family would benefit”.

The thing is that if they were doing magic to keep the status quo – whatever that may be – they wouldn’t feel this way about it. They would feel completely justified in finding a new job that paid the same as the one they lost, or overcoming a sales slump that was impacting their bills.  Whether their normal is 30K a year of 300K a year, when people push past that level, they seem to get defensive and worried that the “powers that be” are somehow going to angry that they are asking too much.

I am here to tell you that the Gods, Saints, and Spirits are not going to punish you for wanting to improve your lot in life. You don’t need to apologize for being greedy. You don’t need to justify it. You just need to have a desire, form a strategy, and employ Sorcery to accomplish it. The forces of magic are largely impersonal as to what it is you are asking for.

Now, as I have said before, if you summon Elubatel and ask him to “make you rich”, you are doing poor magic. You are turning over your sovereignty to another being and asking them to determine what “rich” means. Given that 50% of the people on the planet live on less than $1000 a year, Elubatel would be very justified in doing nothing at all for you because you are already rich from an outsiders perspective.

If however you go to him with a plan to become a partner in your firm, resulting in you making a half million a year, you don’t need to justify it to him. He is not going to determine that is too much for you. I do think that many beings encourage charitable giving, and experience has shown me that it often results in even more personal income – but that is a post for another day.

For now, just remember that Sorcery can do more for you than keep you in the manner to which you have become accustomed. If you work it right, it can do MUCH more for you than that.

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Christopher Kenworthy

This all makes sense. I wondered if you’d encountered Elubatel and what your experiences were, and whether you used the NAP process or some other form of invocation.

Like many, I’ve found Elubatel to be so direct and powerful as to be potentially destructive, in the same rapid, direct way that you get with a goetic demon – the easiest way to get a powerful result if off to dismantle your current life.

And yet the presence of Elubatel is generally described as being similar to an archangel. You certainty have to plan carefully and not work with Elubatel casually, in my experience.

Interesting that you should say you don’t need to justify yourself to him – lots of people in the NAP forum say that’s absolutely what you have to do, and that you need to say how the success will be shared. In short, if you have a specific Elubatel approach or ritual I’d love to know it,

One other thing – whenever I’ve planned a working with a Elubatel I’ve always found that there’s some sort of result, or sign of a result, just before the working is done. Time-bending stuff.


I like to say it’s okay to be a Slytherin ^.^


    But see that’s part of the thing. even if not evil Slytherin specialize in self-interest, subterfuge, and such. I am not even talking about that. I am not even talking about some kind Ayn Rand nonsense about the virtue of selfishness. I amjust saying that wanting more for yourself does not necessitate any of that at all. It is straightforward and transparent. If you want to get all Harry Potter about it, I would say that what I am talking about could come just as much from a Griffendor as any other school.

Christopher Kenworthy

Hey Ulysses, NAP is the abbreviation for a book from the seventies called New Avatar Power and is the only place (apart perhaps from sixth and seventh book of Moses – can’t remember) that I’ve seen Elubatel mentioned. There a forums dedicated to NAP because although it seems to be highly abbreviated magic, with many shortcuts and lots of misspellings of important words, it works surprisingly well. At least, once section of it does – the main rituals. Even newbies get impressive results quickly and easily, it would seem. But many warn that the Elubatel ‘success’ ritual turns their life upside down or that they get warnings about being ‘unworthy’, which is why it was refreshing to see Jason say that a Elubatel doesn’t care whether you’re worthy. One common debate is whether to command or request – the wording of the ritual in the NAP book is to command him, and use binding words to seal this, but many feel uncomfortable and end up sort of asking permission and justifying their requests. This may be because some people who’ve evoked Elubatl claim that this sort of approach was Elubatel’s stated preference. There’s a lot of people out ther who believe Elubatel only helps the worthy, whatever that means.

Certainly, Elubatel seems to ignore you if you ask for something trivial. There only seems to be interest or response if it’s something large and transformative. Which can be challenging. Hope I’ve not gone too far off the ‘alimony’ topic, and that this all relates…

Alexander Ramos

I have been through Atr’s,i have used the book of nap. I have even wondered if the ritual for lucifuge rofocale was really true about having the world’s wealth at you’re command if done exactly.

I make no bones about wanting to make as much money as possible. I just know that you need a source for it come from. So make sure you have a friend with connections who wants to start a business. Get whichever spirit you feel will respond to you,and try a two fold deal,one to get the loan amount needed to start,and the 2nd to make it prosperous to the point of self generating revenue to live off of.

Money to me is not about owning mansions and cars and any of that bling garbage. It’s about freedom to pursue what we truly want to do in our life. No one can begrudge you for that.

ConjureMan Ali

This is absolutely on point, Jason. If you have to justify your desires and wants it is telling in respect to how you feel about getting that thing.

Christine Opland

Good discussion. I’m a recovering apologist myself, and find the idea of not having to make explanations all over the place refreshing.

Still somewhat on topic, I find that the book, ‘New Avatar Power’, is out of my price range. Does anyone have a line on a cheap copy?


    Yes, go to scribd.com and you can read NAP for free or for a 1 day subscription that’s around $8 you can download the PDF file and save it to you computer. Once saved copy and paste it to a USB memory stick and have it printed and bound.


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Thanks for this post. I surely agree with what you’re saying. I’ve been talking about this subject a lot lately with my brother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!


I can’t say that I completely agree, but then once more I’ve never truly thought of it quite like that before. Thanks for giving me something to consider when I’m supposed to have an empty mind even though trying to fall asleep tonight lol..

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