Mastros and Zealot: Witches for Hire

Sara Mastros is one of my favorite Witches and so when she told me she was going pro, I was delighted. She is smart, compassionate, and knows her it-shay. I don’t know Simon Zealot quite as well, but we have met at Crucible several times and he is a smart chap with a quick wit. I also have heard raving reviews of his superhero training. Together they are….. queue 80’s drama theme music…. ”

Knowing that Hekate has been a big part of my life and work for many years now, Sara sent me a packet of their Hekate Incense. This stuff is potent and strangely brought to mind some of the first rituals I had ever been to in my life. That smell that reminds me pretty directly of magic itself.

Go over to their SITE and check out all the cool stuff they are up to. Then go over and like them on Facebook so you can keep up with all the shenanigans.

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