New Six Month Course: LEVEL UP! – Free Sample Lesson

Level Up Cover A2For the last six months I have been running a class that was only available to prior students. About 200 people are now in the final lessons of it, and the result has been fantastic. On March 21st the gates will open and a new cycle will start. This one open to anyone.

“I have taken Strategic Sorcery but this is leaps beyond that.”
– G.H.

“I actually have an idea of how magic works now!” 
– P.F.

“My only complaint is that it is so packed with new material I don’t have time to do it all in 6 months. Thank you for letting us stay in the groups and take future cycles for free.” 
– C.F.

LEVEL UP! Its a Six Month Audio Course that focuses on peeling back the layers of reality one after another. Literally Leveling Up each time we do so. This course is for those who want to know the machinery of magic, not just what it does, but how it works. Direct knowledge of this will change you from someone who possesses occult knowledge, into someone who is a conduit for the powers that be.


Starting on Match 21st you will receive one lesson every two weeks. On The week that you do not get a lesson you will receive a Q and A recording  where I answer any questions that were submitted last week, as well as the occasional bonus material, insight, or challenge.  You also have access to THE ARCADE where you can discuss experience, post field reports, and pose questions to me.



This class deals with some of the weired parts of magic and steps into some non-traditional territory. To give you an idea of what this will be like I have included Lesson 1 FOR FREE. This includes the first ritual of that course The Offering To Extended Self



Like my other audio courses, this course is $100 a month – a total of $600, but I am offering a deal to anyone subscribed to the Inominandum Memorandum Newsletter to get it for just $400. This offer is ONLY until March 21st. After that, the cost goes back up to $600.

You can either pay all $400 up front

Or you can subscribe to pay $100 a month for four months.

I hope you will join us and LEVEL UP Your practice.

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