New Year New You Prompt 3- VIDEO!

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Ignore Resolutions… for now « Andrew B. Watt's Blog

[…] Deborah’s point is that thousands, if not millions of people, are in the process of abandoning their resolutions this week.  The Egregor of this week has thus learned from our behavior over dozens of years, and decided that abandoning resolutions this week is OK.  Deborah suggests, in effect, that we bypass this egregore’s willingness to let us let go of our resolutions, and use this week to pamper ourselves.  Reward, rather than punish yourself in this first week of 2012.  I’d interpret this to mean “…so that your brain and mind are in the mindset that the resolution is already being successful.”  (Jason Miller, another participant in this challenge, adds that this is also a great time to start me….) […]

Deborah Castellano

Great video! I love hearing the geese in the background. These things you suggest, I will contemplate them as they are foreign and difficult for me.


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