Notice how every website these days
offers you a free e-book?

They get your name on an e-mail list in exchange for a “Book” that is really not much more than tantalizing reasons to pay for their course or services to learn more…

That is not my style.

If you want FREE info I have been posting useful information on my blog Strategic Sorcery for YEARS. Stuff that is written with no other motive than to convey information. No need to sign up for anything.

If you want a book, my books are available wherever books are sold.

If you want to go deeper, you can certainly join one of my courses.

If you want to consult with me on matters strategic and sorcerous, grab a time slot.

If you want me to manage some mojo for you drop me a line and I will see how I can tip the scales in your favor.

And yes, I would love for you to sign up to my e-mail list if you want to.  If you do, you will get my weekly e-mail: THE INOMINANDUM MEMORANDUM, a casual e-mail containing some bullet points of interest to the Strategic Sorcerer, as well as inside information on events and offers.