Seven Wizards and Seven Wallets – A Gallery

I played a game of Wallet Wizard poker with the students the other day. I thought it might be cool to share what talismans, amulets, sigils, and glyphs people carry in their wallet. It’s a thing that most of us carry wherever we go so its a natural place to tuck in the odd occult oddity.

For me, the primary thing about a wallet is thin-ness. I am not into a thick wallet filled with crap. This is not just practical, but magical as well. Keep it focused and clean.

Here is my distil union wallet. In the pull tab where I keep my Drivers licence and insurance cards I keep a Wallet Card of St Cyprian and a talismanic 2 Dollar bill that I have been carrying for over 10 years now.  In the Money Clip I keep my Jupiter Glyph for the year. I am about to replace that once with a new one for this year.

There is also some sassafras leaves to hold me hold on to money in with the credit cards but only bits right now. That’s it. I used to carry more, but I slimmed down the talismans when I slimmed down the wallet. No more store cards at all, no business cards,  etc. A credit Card, two ATM cards (business and personal), Licence, Insurance Cards, AAA card, and these talismans.

Some of my students have more interesting assortments. Check this one out. She has a gold cowrie, abre camino stem (open them roads), enchanted $100 bill wrapped in a talisman and Five Dzambhala wealth amulet. Since I work with the Five Dzambhalas extensively, I was almost embarassed that I didn’t have one of those, so I ordered one immediately.

This one goes right for the Saint/Angel pipeline with St Michael and St Dymphna. I love working with human and angelic saints. The Saints pray for us to god, and the angels carry out God’s will. Its kind of like a full loop between you and God.

A Solar Talisman from the 7th Book of Moses graces this Van Huesen Wallet.

Found cards, and a hand painted Cyprian are what were listed when this pic was submitted by Marta Spendowska. Looks like Sitapatra (the White Umbrella) is in there, as well as fortune cookie fortune, saint cards, and a lucky hand root? All I know is I want Marta to paint me a Cyprian as well as a host of other saints right away… You can see her jawdropping work at VeryMarta.com



Cyprian pops up in this next one as well as… actually a ton of stuff pops up. Thankfully Dominique Smith of Element Books explains….

The hawthorn was gifted to me from an ADF group about five or six years ago. It has traveled everywhere with me since I received it, including through airport security.

The Kai guang Amulet I received on my first trip to NYC where I got conned by a monk. I figure if he could get 20usd out of me that easily, I would hold on to it. 

Money card. Carried them in my shop a few years ago. Threw one in and had it there ever since, usually wrapped in a 20. Not my usual go to kind of thing but it was a “what the heck” moment that saw a significant amount of money appear in the beginning. 

Various saint cards and charms. No need to really explain. 

My business card. I always carry at least one so that my goals are on my mind and just in case I run into a potential future client. Plus, it’s just good business sense. 

I often hold onto stubs from events that have fond memories. A reminder that money is what affords the opportunity of experiences. 

Beads of Ochun and a cowrie shell. I don’t always wear these in public, but I always keep them on me. 

Santa Muerte, she was meant as a gift to someone I care for but she’s yet to make it into their hands. I’ve been holding onto her for four months and I’ve seen them multiple times. 

A quartz rock I kept from Cuba. It reminds me of my connections to Ochun and my introduction to Yemaya. 

Foreign money. To attract prosperity from outside of my usual spheres. Plus, the Che coin isn’t meant for tourists apparently and it was quite a boon to be handed one. I also was given a 3peso bill but spent it before I knew of its importance. 

The twenty dollar bill. It was the bill given to me to pay off a loan of a few hours. Literally was given to me seconds after it was earned. I keep it so that money loaned is returned and swiftly. 

I also have other things that rotate as well. Lol. It’s amusing. I didn’t realize how much of this work I actually did until I listed it all out. Hmm. Weird.

More stark we have a simple Talisman of St Michael created by Aidan Watcher. 


Finally we have this Jupiterian ensemble. Solomonic jupiter pentacle, sator square, seal/talisman related to the 3 omnipotent angels in 6/7 bom. Mercury seal, turquoise stone related to mercury and Levi’s pentagram .

Sara Mastros of “Witches for Hire” fame has developed a Money Talisman/Business Card that I love. You can print it out yourself, send them $1 to send it to you, or request it when you order one of their products or services. Tell me this ain’t cool…

So readers… what’s in your wallet?

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Kol Drake

I may be asking the most noob of questions…

I like this concept of ‘seeding’ the wallet, etc.

Other than the medallions and/or religious icons — where would one go to find those ‘mystic symbols’? And, how does one KNOW that ‘that one’ is the one for them versus ‘that one’ that is another entity which might work as well (or better)?


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