Sorcery Of Hekate

Courses - SOH - featured3Deep Training in a Secret System of Hekatean Sorcery
In my first book, Protection and Reversal Magic, I revealed some of the secrets that Hekate, goddess of Sorcery, had revealed to me since our first contact in 2000. That was only a small glimpse into the Arcana that she has been laying out to me over the last 16 years, and which is finally ready to be shared. This seven month course requires a small daily practice commitment and is for people who want to explore one versatile practice very deeply for an extended time rather than jump wildly through new esoteric offerings that the internet provides.

The Sorcery of Hekate Course opens up every seven months. It will open again in December 2016.


The course will be taught through Bi-Weekly Audio Lessons and Ritual texts. There will be periodic videos to support the material. This is followed by a recorded Question and Answer session the following week where I answer any questions you submit about that lesson.


There are three main commitments:
1. You MUST do 100 repetitions of IO HEKA IO HO per day. It doesn’t matter if you are at your altar, it doesnt matter if you are in the right “headspace”, just do them. Do them in the car for all I care, it is about keeping this particular thread of fate running through your life during the practice. It take less than 5 minutes – if you can brush your teeth you can do the mantra. That said, there is a way to repair mistakes if you miss a few days.

2. You need to make an offering to Hekate on every New Moon during training. This can be a large ceremony, or a very simple offering of Incense and Wine while saying the Mantra just to keep the commitment. There will be other things that are strongly recommended for these days, but this is the commitment.

3. As with all my classes the material is under a vow of Secrecy.


$100 a month, for seven months, payable via paypal subscription. The Course will open again in DECEMBER 2016!