SS Field Report after just 4 lessons!

I received the following report from a Cycle 7 student earlier today.
Mr. Miller,
I just wanted to thank you for some success I’ve had with the material from the course.  So far I’ve only reached the lesson on Thought Management (Lesson 4?), I’ve been making an effort to fill my idle time with meditation, and I make concise offerings twice daily, with a more elaborate offering on my day off work.
Some background information, I work as a call center agent for a Fortune 50 company.  I’m graded on a number of factors such as quality assurance scores, the amount of time it takes to assist a customer and be ready for another call, and how well I stick to my established work schedule.
Prior to beginning the course, I was right on the edge of termination.  I’d been having difficulty making it to work, my QA scores were low, and I wasn’t meeting any of my performance metrics.
Since starting meditations and offerings, I’m excelling in my goals, and am frequently at the top of my work team for various metrics.  I’ve received 2 commendations from my management team, and my work situation has altogether made a complete 180, my supervisor marvels at the transformation that’s happened since New Year’s.
Furthermore, I’ve had a bit of a rough time of it with my longtime girlfriend, and since practicing meditation and thought management, my life at home has gotten loads better.
Lastly, next month I’ll be paying back the last bit of debt I’ve acquired from when my girlfriend was out of work last year!
To sum it up, my life just seems to be building up a real head of positive steam, and I feel I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of the course in just four lessons.