Statements of Intent

If simple religion is asking for the will of god and the spirits to be done, then a part of what differentiates magic is surely in asking for something specific to occur. Even if we then use a weasely modifier like “but your will be done” we are still at least asking for what we want.

This is a huge part of what makes magic, yet I see even advanced people give surprisingly little attention to what they actually are asking for. Whether you are standing in front of an angel, a demon, or exercising your power you should frame your intent as clearly as if you were in front of a cartoon genii. You never want your last words to be:”Genii, make me a ham sandwich!”

Here is a good example of what I mean:

AMATEUR: I want a job that pays X and hour.

ADEPT: I want a career that offers steady and secure employment at no less than X per year with the possibility of advancement.

MASTER: I want opportunity for steady income that leaves X$ per month after all bills, expenses, emergencies, and investments are made.

With the amateur statement you leave open the possibility that you get a job that lasts for a couple hours one day clearing out some ladies yard. Probably not what you were hoping for, but technically correct.

With the adept statement you get the sense of a solid career, but leave open the possibility of increased expenses sapping away the increased income. This happens all the time – you get a book with money magic, and suddenly you crash the car which costs all the money.

With the master statement you leave open the door for all kinds of income streams and opportunities rather than just a career, but also clarify steady flow rather than one time boon, you also frame the numbers in what is left over rather than what you take in, which helps eliminate the potential for emergencies and new expenses tapping the new income

Of course if you are doing the master statement you already have your emergency savings and investments automatically deducted from your income and thus they get counted as bills or base expenses, so that bit is unnecessary. Right?

*note on image: The pic is from DJ Format’s album Statement of Intent. 

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Very cool. Thanks for such a straightforward post.


In his advice on the I Ching, Crowley advises the would-be diviner to create in his mind a firm image of the subject of the inquiry – as he puts it, “raising thine mind to a fixed image of the situation into which you inquire.” I always take this to indicate visualizing the hoped-for result with an attitude that says, “Will this happen?”
I’ve found it quite useful to make dedications by supplementing any verbal intent with a firmly visualized mental image, with the attitude, “This must happen.”


    I modify statements even more so they reflect “is”. In the “now”.


Great reminder!

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