Strategic Sorcery Field Report – Total Financial Makeover

The following field report is from a student that I have been working with on his long term financial outlook. It is THIS kind of result that keeps me doing what I do, and why I am writing Financial Sorcery.

The following words are his:

Eight months ago, I was in trouble. I was laid off from a job that I have had for 14 years. After six months of looking, I had not gotten one job offer and every week that passed saw me digging myself deeper and deeper into credit card debt to cover my expenses. 

I have 20 years of experience in both Wicca and Ceremonial Magic. I was trying every kind of money magic that I could think of. Each spell would turn up a small amount of money as a gift, or an off-the books job here and there but nothing long term. 

A friend told me about success he had been having with Jason’s class and I signed up. That was eight months ago. I wrote Jason about my immediate problems and was hoping for some spell that would turn things around in a hurry. 

Instead of a spell he had me forward him my resume and some over letters. He suggested several spells to be done at different points in the search and was kind enough to forward me the Job Finding lesson, even though it comes later in the course than where I was.

He also tore my resume to shreds, essentially telling me that I had better learn how to look for work in the new economy or no amount of magic would help. He was polite about it, I was still pretty pissed off about being told that my resume was inadequate. It felt like an attack. Still, I took his suggestions, went to my unemployment office, and signed up for a resume writing class. They pretty much confirmed everything he said, and I whittled my 2 page monster that listed everything I had ever done, down to a lean one page bullet listed resume that could easily be changed for each job. 

Sure enough after starting regular offerings to the local spirits, praying to Gaia for my Macro-Enchantment, doing a loadstone spell on a master copy of my resume’s (I have a different one for each job now), and trying my hand at some embedded commands in the  job interview, I was offered a job just five weeks later. The only problem is that it barely paid above what unemployment was paying. 

I wrote Jason to thank him for the advice and tell him about the job. Even though it really did not pay enough, it was work, and could maybe lead someplace better. I had called on the earth mother and spirits for help, and I would graciously accept what they offered to me. 

What Jason suggested next kind of blew my mind. He told me that if it was him, he would turn down the job and keep looking. 

To me this seemed like an affront to the Gods. I prayed for help, they offered help, and now he thought I should piss them off by not accepting their assistance! This was against everything I have been taught about magic.

Jason’s argument was that when I did my invocations I was not specifying my salary requirements, only that I wanted a job. Since I still had a few extensions left on unemployment he suggested that I thank the powers for their offering, but change my invocations to be specific about my salary. He also suggested that if I was worried about unemployment running out that I devote more time to finding more off-the book my work as well. 

Although it went against my own instinct I took his advice and was glad I did. Though it is not what I was making before getting laid off I now have a job that covers all my bills and have part time work at a local tool rental place fixing and maintaining the machines. I have never had two steady streams of income before, but now that I do I feel invincible! I am quickly burning through my debt using the Strategic Sorcery Debt killing strategy and will then move into savings and retirement. In eight months I went from thinking I would have to abandon  my house and move in with my parents, to focusing on building retirement savings.

I cannot speak highly enough about the course and the way it has changed my life.

 – D.G.   


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