Strategic Sovereignty: The Intersection of Business and Magic

It’s Jupiters Day and as promised I am revealing the details of a Course in Business and Magic – The LAST new course I plan to run for a long time. It is…. Strategic Sovereignty poster (1)

Back in 2009 when I finished writing The Sorcerers Secrets I looked at it and asked myself: Whats Next? What do people do after this? How do I carry this forward?

Strategic Sorcery the business as well as everything we collectively have done as a community over the last 7 years is the answer to that.

I was looking at Financial Sorcery recently and asked myself those same questions. How do people move forward from this? What’s Next? I wrote Financial Sorcery right around the time that I dropped the day-job and was able to support myself as a Sorcerer/Author/Entrepreneur. Since then I have been able to grow, a lot. As such I have a lot more to say. I brought this before Jupiter Juno and got my answer. Dzambhala threw his hat in the following morning during those workings.

So here we are launching a brand new course on Business Magic. Unlike my other courses where I would encourage anyone and everyone to join, this one will be open only to those who have or are seeking to start their own business. You may own a large company, you may work for yourself, or you may just be interested in a side business to bring in extra income. This course is for you.

This will be a mixed media course having written, audio, and video components as needed. I will be following the bi weekly lesson/bi-weekly QandA that have made Sorcery of Hekate and LEVEL UP!courses  successful. My book Financial Sorcery has been described as 60% Financial Wisdom and 40% Magic. In this course the mix will be reversed. 60% Magic and 40% Business Strategies that the magic is designed to enhance and support.

Here is a video where I talk a bit more about what I want to do.


There are several facets of this class designed to make it as dynamic as possible. In fact students in this first cycle will have the lessons somewhat tailor made for them and their needs as we go, an opportunity that later cycles will not have once the lessons are recorded and set.

Here’s what you get

  • Bi-weekly audio or video lessons delivered to your e-mail.
  • Bi-weekly Audio Q and A delivered on the weeks between lessons.
  • Live Workshop meetings via ZOOM once a month where we dig into the details of YOUR project.
  • An ongoing Jupiter/Juno/Minerva Global Rite maintained through the length of the course designed to support and energize your business.
  • A secret facebook group dedicated just to Business Sorcery.


First lesson will be released on April 18th. Sort of New-Years Day for Entrepreneurs here in the states 🙂


Cost is $200 a month via paypal subscription.

Those wishing to pay the for the course in its entirety before April 10th get a $100 discount.


This is subject to change as students in this first cycle express specific needs, but right now the lesson list stands as:

  1. Business Ideas, Divine Inspiration, and Tutelary Spirits.
  2. Plans, Testing, and Groundwork
  3. Projections, Divinations, and Intelligence Gathering
  4. Spreading word and Attracting the Right Clients
  5. The Logos, The Logistics, and the Balance Sheet
  6. Clients/Customers and Your Relationship With Them.
  7. Rivals, Competitors, and Haters
  8. Deploying Demons and Defencive Tactics.
  9. Taxes, Regulators, Banks, and Hassles
  10. Annihilating your Set-Point and Setting Trajectory
  11. When It’s Just Not Working and What To Do
  12. Defeating Entrepreneurial Exhaustion
  13. The Successful Sovereign


17098144_301526070265054_1232766859257390745_n“When I started taking courses from Jason Miller, I was working a successful 9-5 job and doing fairly well for myself. After a few lessons, I realized I needed a ‘side-gig’ that allowed for variable income if I wanted to actually see some returns on those ‘get me money’ spells we all know we do. After a few more lessons with Jason, I knew how to go about strategically using my sorcery to nudge things, events, and people in my favor, how to enchant myself into the right places at the right times, and how to intuitively see where to work my sorcery and where to back it all up with action in the real world. A little over two years later, and my side-gig is now MORE successful and lucrative than my previous $90k a year IT job, and I’ve achieved more in this new industry in a shorter time than many do after investing years and years in its pursuit. The whole process has been exciting, fun, prosperous, and MAGICAL – and it’s because of what I learned, and put into ACTION, from Jason Miller.”
– Mal Strangefellow


$200 a month via paypal subscription.

Those wishing to pay the for the course in its entirety before April 10th get a $100 discount.

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