Love TalismanI have been working on this since summer and am finally finished! These talismans are to Love and Sex what the Gator Hand talismans are to Finances and Success.

WHAT ARE THEY? A talisman made from a Raccoon Penis Bone that has been wrapped in a cord soaked in an appropriate oil, with a jar talisman filled with crushed herbs and consecrated sand.

WHAT DOES IT FOR? Love and Sex Baby! If you are looking for love, it will help find a long term partner. If you are looking for more casual intimacy it will help you find partners for that. If you are married or in a relationship already it will help heat things up in the bedroom (and the couch, and the floor, and the… you get the idea). And yes, if you have someone specific in mind, you can target it to draw that person in.

HOW DO I USE IT? Like any talisman it will work by carrying it or placing it in an appropriate place, but in this case you can also use it actively for spellwork. Every Talisman will come with a paper on how to use it for Love and Sex.

WHO IS IT FOR? You might be thinking that because this is a Penis Bone that it is primarily for men, or those interested in men. It is not really gender based or active. There are feminine elements as well and the basis of the enchantments upon it are rooted in passion and love, which I feel are more or less universal. As an example I gave a similar (but not the same) talisman to a Lesbian client a few years ago and she used the “hook” end to draw a partner in just a little over a week.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? These are priced at $77 and you can purchase it via the link here.


WHEN WILL I GET THIS? REALLY? I am asking for three weeks for domestic delivery and four for international. I hope to get them out a lot faster than that, but that is what I am asking. You will get it by valentines day if you order within the next week.

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If this offering was very successful then the Raccoon would become extinct.
The Tiger is endangered and the Rhino is almost extinct because of just this kind of thought.
Blood and Bone must needs be fed back into the soil, invigorating the life of plants and animals. All potential is in the Seed.


    The offering has been successful thanks. Well over 100 sold. The bones are sourced from a company that raises them for pelts, meat, and other uses. I am not running around killing them.

    You could make the same argument about literally ANYTHING In the world: if we use it all, there won’t be any more.


      I’m happy your resource comes from being farmed and not from being hunted – and I’m happy for the success you enjoy (and the joy that engenders).
      If we farmed literally everything then there’d be a chance that we don’t use it all.


This is an awesome talisman. The things you design are very intriguing.


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