Telling Them to F*ck Off – Mindfully


I got this e-mail about the Take Back Your Mind Program this weekend”

“Oh My God Jason. I have never taken a mindfulness program that encouraged me to tell someone to fuck off as an exercise! You are right, peace and calm are only valuable if you can stand up for yourself and for others. It’s the only program I have actually been able to stick with outside of retreats. Thank you.” 
– G.D. 

Yep. Its true. I have an exercise where, after some preliminary training, you maintain mindfulness while exercising what I call “sharpness”.  I also have one where you scream obscenities at the sky and yourself. Another where we embrace worst-case-scenarios and live them out.

This is not a program designed for monks then watered down for ease of use, and its certainly not a retreat-based thing where you feel calm and peaceful when there, but go back to the same distractions and anxiety two weeks after getting back. It’s designed for people that work, and fuck, and fight, and live a life that is like yours.

Increase your Calm while Keeping Your edge.

Click the link to find out more. You can join at ANY time.



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