The Fundamentals of Astrology: Sigils, Services, and Spirits

540_4522897604312_180685087_nYou guys know Doctor Strange right? Doctor Doom, Doctor Fate, Doctor Occult, and all those other Doctors of Magic, Mysticism, and such?

Well put down the comics and learn from a real doctor: Doctor Alexander Cummins PHD.

He is once again offering his highly acclaimed series on the Fundamentals of Astrology. 

For those who want an understanding of how Astrology and Magic were inseparable this class is absolutely necessary.

Its in Three Parts:

Fundamentals of Astrological Magic I: Sigils      (Saturday 26th November 2016)

Fundamentals of Astrological Magic II: Services     (Saturday 3rd December 2016) 

Fundamentals of Astrological Magic III: Spirits    (Saturday 10th December 2016)

If you like your very practical Astrological Methods with a huge helping of primary sources, these are the webinars you need. Give yourself a Holiday treat and click on in, 

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I took this and was not impressed. Not worth the money.


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