What People Say About My Work


“I have been able to do wonderfully magical things, and my kingdom has blossomed into paradise.”

“Four years ago, I started Strategic Sorcery and made an investment in my future. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had been led to the most effective sorcery course available.

Applying the lessons, truly doing the work, I have been able to do wonderfully magical things, and my kingdom has blossomed into paradise. The mix of magic with mundane techniques is simple and superb. All you have to do is apply yourself in simple ways, and the change can be phenomenal.

New job? Got that. Salary bump? Got that. The house I always wanted with land, temple space, super friendly local spirits? Got that. Conjuring spirits? Yep. Talking to Angels? Uh huh. Shall I go on?

How about who got not only a big bonus, but got everyone in the company one? Not enough time to meditate? An entire corporation is now implementing weekly meditation meetings in the office, my office. In four years time, I live in a different world. I am a different person. And, I did it with the Strategic Sorcery.

I can continue, but seriously, this is what you’ve been searching for. The cost is unreal for what you get. The Strategic Sorcery community is a group of real workers – friendly and willing to help workers. You WILL NOT find a better magical group online. I am in several, and there’s just no comparison.

No drama. No bullshit. Real magic. Real results. Strategic Sorcery WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Period. Go!”

The Holiest Percher

“It is catered specifically to people like us – magical people who know that monetary circumstances can be changed with sorcery.”

“I built my business using both mundane and spiritual means, with the guidance of Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller. Starting a small online business is absolutely terrifying, especially if you have zero background in business or entrepreneurship. When I took the plunge to become a professional fortune teller, I didn’t know the meaning of ‘customer service,’ how to write copy, how to create a launch sequence, bookkeeping, or budgeting.

All I knew was that hey- I could read cards and I have a handful of positive reviews. Why not make a business out of this? I’m a spirit worker! How hard can it be?

A lot of friends that I have are in the same boat as I was four years ago, when I began my entrepreneurial journey. The beauty of a book like Financial Sorcery is that it is catered specifically to people like us– magical people who know that monetary circumstances can be changed with sorcery.”

Fiona Benjamin
Proprietor of Modern Fortune Teller

 “Sometimes I almost wonder if I am not neglecting other parts of my magical education by having my problems solved so (relatively) easily this way. The thing is, it fucking WORKS.”


“The results speak for themselves.”

“Last year, I took part in the global Hekate/Helios rite. A year later, looking back, I have to say that the results speak for themselves. Every specific request has materialized. This has included widening of responsibilities at work, expanding my involvement in community and professional organizations outside work, and even, as the year winds to a close, bringing a new romantic relationship into my life. In fact, at times, the inflow has been so abundant, I have seriously considered asking for a bit more moderation going into next year.

To be sure, what came into my life were not things “fait accompli”, but opportunities, which I was sure to say “Yes” to as they opened up. As you teach, first the working, then the work. I just wanted to say that this past year, both aspects have certainly worked together to pay off.”

Jason S.

“It’s seldom that I read anything from anyone that actually causes me to majorly overhaul my practice.”

“Given the whirlwind of circumstance that’s surrounded my life over the outset year and your influence in it, I thought that it was only fair that you get some credit.

I’ve been doing magical stuff since I was a child; it’s as path I’ve been walking for two decades, and my practice is largely devotional. Most of the methods I learn are taken from teachings those spirits have blessed me with, and while I read voraciously, more often then not, I don’t get much from the texts. Your work, however, has not fit the norm for me; it’s seldom that I read anything from anyone that actually causes me to majorly overhaul my practice. More often then not, I just change my worldview slightly.

Well, in the case of your work it changed both my methodology and my worldview, and those practices have been heard into my own with great effect. One such incident occurred within my personal life, as I’m going through a nasty divorce that was a long-time coming. The Kurukulla and Vajrakilaya talismans have been a source of strength and endurance, and the methodology within The Sorcerer’s Secrets and the Strategic Sorcery Course, combined with my own practice, has put obstacles out of the way.

One such occurrence occurred yesterday: my wife and her lawyer tried to nail me for a debt that amounted to half of my yearly salary after taxes and medical insurance. She also wanted my cat and my firearms and knives. I was left with under 5k of debt and 1/3 of the disk support she was requesting, and I got to keep my cat…..it was a total settlement that was heavily leaving in my favour.

Furthermore, my divorce got pushed up by roughly four months, which is amazing.

It’s given me a second wind of sorts in what was a relatively stale set of effective practices. The obstacles I was confounded by are dissolving, and I’m finally able to make some sweeping changes.

Thank you!”

Owner and Operator of Sorcerous Endeavors

What Bruce Lee did when he made Jeet Kune Do, Jason is starting to do with Strategic Sorcery.

“The Strategic Sorcery Approach: Basically how to accomplish just about anything using a combination of Magic and good ole’ fashioned giving a shit. It’s more than that though.

What Bruce Lee did when he made Jeet Kune Do, Jason is starting to do with Strategic Sorcery. I am honestly really excited to see where he goes with the whole system. It’s an amazing way to rethink and reorganize your practice.

It’s not just the individual pieces of the approach, but how they are organized and laid out to you bit by bit. It’s very easy to understand, and it’s broken down in such a way that it is very easy to implement. It’s all about getting the best results for your work. Weather you are a seasoned practitioner or a complete beginner, I think everyone who takes the course will get something out of it just for this aspect of it. For me this part was the most useful.

The Strategic Sorcery Arcana: Magical works and practices specifically unique to this system. It’s honestly really cool stuff. There are spirits and sorcerous bodies, planetary sigils, specific empowerments, and more. I tried all of it, and it all worked for me. There are some traditional techniques, and many completely original ones. Even the traditional lore is presented in a way that I, at least, got something new out of it. For me, this part was the most fun.

All in all it’s a really fun course that is full of good information, and lots of valuable insight. It’s some of the distilled working practices of a very smart and talented sorcerer who is leading the life he wants to lead. That last part is very important to me. If you have phenomenal cosmic power, but can’t hold a job, lead a happy life, or otherwise achieve anything you set out to do.. honestly, I flat out don’t believe you. I’ve seen Jason walk his talk, and do it well.

Joseph Scangarella
A Mages Blog

“I feel like I’m coming back home to my Self.”

“The meditations, especially the Pillar and Spheres, has brought me back into being in synch with time. Not rushing ahead or lagging behind, but being right there in the moment. And that is a Really Big Deal to me. I have gained— I kid you not – three to four hours a day. That’s exactly what it feels like. I am getting things done like you wouldn’t believe. I feel like I’m coming back home to my Self.”

Susan L.


“The Lesson on Thought Management alone was enough for me to overcome my fear of rejection and ask out the girl I have been obsessing over for months. We have been going out for three weeks now. This course is making a big difference in my life.”

Thomas Q.


“I’ve been working the personal alchemy aspect of ceremonial magick for twenty years, Jason’s course has grounded my ethereal dreams into solid practical workings. You won’t complete Jason’s class wondering if you’ve done real magick. You won’t leave asking, “Did I really feel that?” You will know that you have done something extraordinary . ”

Robert Hager
Ceremonial Magician and Blogger of Doing Magick

On Magical Work

“In the past I’ve had several spells cast by others with little to no results. I asked Jason to cast a wealth spell on my behalf. I was literally on my way out of the real estate business. Since the casting I now have 5 deals in escrow. Jason’s spell has fully manifested and I can’t thank him enough. I’ve always believed magic was real…

Thanks Jason…”

Paul B.