When it sounds too good to be true.

This post is not meant to slam anyone’s books or system, which is why this author and group has not been named.

I know in fact that there is worth in the material.

The post is a comment on the question I received, and the way that some people seem to be interpreting the context in which the material is presented. ***

I received a very interesting query last week from a student that had been investigating some other teachers. I strongly encourage students to investigate other teachers, even when they have ideas that conflict with my own. Here is the e-mail I received. After my answer the student encouraged me to share it as a blog post.

What do you think of Group X (name of group removed) . Seventeen magicians , who become rich with magic . I bought 2 books from them . Its the world upside down : no meditation , no incense , no candles , no strategies, but visualization and rituals .It seems so simple . The books are very cheap , and the comments on Amazon are incredible . Is this the future , or is it all nonsense?

Kind Regards,

Now because Strategic Sorcery requires a good bit of work – meditation, offerings, financial planning, and a host of other things I have been getting questions like this from the beginning. Here are a few thoughts on this specifically.

1. Beware vague claims of people becoming rich with magic. For some people “rich” means making over 100K a year, but that is not “rich” in my book. I have greatly increased by income in recent years and could pimp myself as being rich to hook people in, but it’s disingenuous. What are the numbers and how did they occur? “I did this ritual and got rich” is not the answer.

2. Beware of claims made by teachers about their own accomplishments. This is not necessarily a reflection of the effectiveness of their teaching, so much as their clever business plan. Its the old joke about teaching people how you got rich by selling books on how to get rich…This is why I don’t blab about the stuff I accomplish, and instead focus on field reports from students. It is students it has to work for after all.


3. Are you involved with magic for the sole purpose of getting rich? If so, that is a STUPID reason to be involved with magic. Getting laid and paid is great, but if that is all you seek there are better and surer ways. You should be starting V.C. fund instead – talk about having the deck stacked in your favor…

Think about it. No Meditation, No pesky materia, No development of abilities, of mind, of spirit… Just say the magic words and think the magic thoughts and BAM – you are RICH!

If this sounds kosher to you, if this sounds like what you are involved in magic for, by all means, go for it. I will stick to developing the mind, spirit, and energy and applying them to strategies that are improving peoples lives, deepening their understanding, and awakening them to their true nature.


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Jadean Lazulli

I think I know where this is coming from, and the books this person is probably referring to are not really promising anything that easily, its also not at all a new premise, I’ve got a look to the material and it requires most at least 33 days of semi continuous work and some actual meditation time to clear certain things, it also make no promises of insta riches, it does claim to aid to get wealth overtime, but does not make guarantees, in fact I think a full trained sorcerer could do better with the material with some prior experience rather than a new comer even if the material seems simple, }Im guessing this was made to fit Urban modern lifestyles with Angelic Hebrew magic without getting too golden dawnish but its not the end of all things, so I suggest to try it out with a grain of salt as long as its not harmful to you or your current practice and check out more sources if possible.


wohh precisely what I was seeking for, thankyou for putting up.

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