When It Works Like You’re a Wizard

20160316_150525I spend a lot of my time teaching about how magic works to influence change, and how we should seek small strategic points to effect with magic so that we can reach our goals. That’s because magic doesn’t work like it does in the movies…. except when it does.

I do maintain that we should not bank on weird occurrences, paranormal events, and instant results. We don’t bank on them because they don’t tend to happen with regularity, but they do happen from time to time. I was recently reminded by an old friend that I was reading a book on witchcraft on the bleachers at High School and someone thought I should read the “Spell to Summon The Horned One” out loud – because that’s the kind of goofy thing you do when you are 16. It is the spell spoken by Saladin in the play Le Miracle de Théophile, but The book I was reading attributed it to Basque Witches for summoning the Devil. Its the one that goes:

Bagahi laca bachahé,Lamac cahi achabahé,
Lamac lamec bachalyos,Cabahagi sabalyos,
Lagozatha cabyolas,Samahac et famyolas,

Anyway clouds started to gather after the first line and the sky got errily dark. By the end of the second line it looked like the sky was going to open up. It happened so fast and sudden that another student grabbed the book from my hands and yelled for me to stop. The Clouds did in fact clear up within just a few minutes after that. I had forgotten all about the incident until last night.

But there have been a bunch of things like that over my career: rain happening exactly on cue when summoned, someone falling as you chant against them, weird electrical phenomena, voices that the neighbors and non-magic practicing roomates hear. I am sure you guys have a few stories to share as well, and I invite you to share them in the comments, either here or on FB.

Just remember that these are the occurrences that you celebrate and strive for, but not the ones that you bet your future on.



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Billy AW

This story involves my work with a Familiar spirit, who is a Huxian (Fox Immortal). Probably better known as a Kitsune, or Fox Spirit.

When I was 18-19, I had been going through a rough patch. I was out of my Sixth form education, had failed my A Levels and was just generally depressed. I was burnt out on my practice, so couldn’t even latch on to the stability a daily religious ritual practice can bring.

It was around four AM or so and the emo loneliness that being a teenager brings, had me crying. I was contemplating suicide, and went outside for what I felt would be my last cigarette. I’d go and end my life once I was done.

I chose to go outside, rather than smoke inside so that I could contemplate the grey and smoggy night sky and look up at the moon. (Stars, unfortunately cannot be seen where I live due to pollution). It was incredibly dark out, only a flickering street light in an alleyway nearby to provide light. The whole world felt hostile, even the trees that normally give me a sense of ease were threatening in the night, as if it was condemning me for my weakness and selfish intentions.

As I neared the end of my Cig, I took a deep breath and looked up. There, in the Alleyway was a large fox. It was so large that at first I thought it to be an Alsatian, or other large dog. It simply stood there, staring at me, partly concealed by the shadows, and its eye’s an unnatural black. I held its gaze, my mind stopping only to realise it was no dog, but a Fox. I was in awe, yet also frightened, yet also relieved. A thousand feelings rushed through me, and I realised something. I was not alone. My spirits were with me, my companion had come, both to chastise me for my selfishness, but also to relieve me of the despair and terror I felt. Then, I took my eyes of him for a second to check my surroundings and as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone.

In short, Fox spirits are awesome yo!


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